3 Australian Swimwear Brands that Go Against the Flow

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Athletic swimwear designs tend to be dull, boring, and monotonous. Although these designs have become a custom in the world of athletic and competitive swimming, this does not mean designers can’t tweak them and add spice to things.

Australia has been the home of many giant swimwear companies like Speedo, aussieBum, and Zoggs. This is no surprising since Australia has a pretty intact and dynamic swim culture. Aussies are quite particular with swimwear as they have discriminating taste when it comes to quality, comfort, and design. Hence, mediocre brands will not work in the Australian market.


Australian Swimwear Brands

Some Australia swimmers and swimming enthusiasts are turning to bolder and more creative swimwear designs, starting to stay away from classics. Although classic swimwear designs are here to stay, some people are growing fond of novelty and artistically designed swimsuit pieces. In the past several years, certain companies have took advantage of this growing trend, manufacturing and marketing swimwear pieces with designs that are usually described as odd, non-traditional, and creative. These brands include Funkita, Kiargo, and Funky Trunks.

Funkita is an Australian swimwear brands that is mainly geared towards women. The brand has product lines dedicated for girls, teenage girls, and women. The brand is known for producing colorful, fun, and non-traditional swimwear designs that easily interest girls and women who want to incorporate fun in their swimming activities, whether recreational swimming or fitness swimming. The brand gained international fame for its unique and stylish designs that its mainstream counterparts fail to provide. Aside from its unique designs, Funkita also focuses its efforts to providing consumers with quality swimwear pieces. Basically, the brand does not only prioritize design but quality as well, making sure that consumes get the best swimwear they deserve.

Kiargo is another emerging Australian bathing suit brands for women. Launched in 2006, the label is one of the most exciting ones to emerge in the Australian swimwear market. When you see the brand’s designs, the first thing you would feel is nostalgia. The label’s designs look like they were from the 1940s. Some of the swimwear designs look like that of the ones worn by pin-up girls. Classy and sophisticated are the designs of Kiargo. The label’s pieces are best for women who want to try something vintage but swimsuits. Another notable feature of Kiargo products is their quality. The label takes quality seriously, making sure consumers are satisfied with the fitting of the products. The range of the label’s cup fittings extends from A to G cup, providing wide selection to consumers.

Trunks can be very dull and boring. Oftentimes, swimming trunks come in single color – but not with Funky Trunks. This Australian swimwear brand for men is making waves not only in the Australian market but international market as well. Launched in 2002 by the Way Funky Company, the label’s products are natural eye-catchers because of their bold and unique designs. The company successfully incorporated fun and boldness with their products. The label has expanded its products lines in time. Today, the label is not only selling swimming trunks but underwear, beachwear, T-shirts, and accessories as well. If you are the type of person who wants reinvents his swimming fashion, then Funky Trunks should be your swimwear label of choice.

When looking for swimwear in Australia, choose the ones that you will feel comfortable wearing. Choose the designs that you will fit your personality. Also, look for products that are of good quality since swimsuits are not only about the design but quality and comfort as well. Don’t bargain when it comes to quality because if you buy so-so products, you are more likely to feel unsatisfied with the pieces your purchased.

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