Students and Academic Success: An Insight into the Leading Factors


This article needs to consider some of the leading factors that afford students to gain academic success in their learning endeavors. To put it straight forwardly, there are many factors that contribute to exceptional and in this paper, some of the leading causes for it are discussed. Success in academic pursuits indeed begins in the mind and end with high performance efforts.

Indeed the mind and body needs to work in sound tandem to achieve academic success and both are really important. One aspect cannot take ascendancy over the other, no matter how compelling the situation demands. Learning is a much more difficult proposition than teaching, but can be achieved through drive, discipline, desire, dedication and determination. (Five D’s of academic success)

writers-teams1-300x199 Students and Academic Success: An Insight into the Leading Factors

Indeed the leading factors could be both cerebral (relating to mind, or psyche) or to the human body, (physical or psychological), with the cerebral, or mental factors playing decisive factor, and physical ones playing secondary, albeit important role. This is evident from the fact that a physically ailing student cannot do well in academics, if he is sick, or even if not in best of physical health or is in mentally depressed state of mind.

 Cerebral Factors:

  1. The solid will to succeed: This is very important since for humans, since it is always mind over matter. Success comes only to those who will success, who breathe success, eat, drink and socialize with success. Mere hard work or learning texts by heart and regurgitating it in examination hall does not ensure success- this needs to be replaced with the will, the deep desire and burning urge to success. Thus success is more of mental challenge, or barrier to overcome, rather than what is mistakenly believed by many students, to be   efforts to gain success which at best may be limited utility value.
  2. The determination to move mountains and translate them in success:Wishful thinking and dreaming of success cannot get you anywhere. It is important to translate wishes into goals, goals into actions and actions into road maps and milestones that could guide you to ultimate destination of academic success. The journey to gain academic success is tough and hard, fraught with challenges, road blocks and barriers. Perhaps it could be akin to a jungle trek with not even a GPS tracking device to know the route to get back to civilization. Preparedness wins half the battle, determination overcomes the other half.
  3. Prepare to pay the price of success:  Nothing in this world comes without a price tag, not even academic success. So be willing and prepared to pay the price in terms of missed parties with friends, not seeing your favorite movie or not dining at the best restaurant in town, with dinner and drinks, band in attendance. Success comes at a price and you must be more than willing to pay it, up front.
  4. Do not study hard, study smart: There is a heaven and earth difference between studying hard and studying smart. Cramming does not end the ennui and tedium of studies, it only increases them. Focus on key areas, aim for strategies that offer grade maximizing plans and stick to the basics, focus on your strengths and prepare to underplay, or remedy your deficits. Focus on what you know rather than waste precious time rankling on what you do not.
  5. Enjoy your studies to excel in it: This is indeed important since humans, by nature, detest anything being forced on to them. Force only creates ill will and dislike. Therefore it is important to allow students to decide for what best is to be done for them. Most humans perform best in domains of academic success when they do it on own free will and without pressures to perform. You can push a student into the classroom, but you cannot make him learn. Free will is as important to success as force is to failures.

Physical Factors:

  1. In life we get only one major opportunity and we need to grab it with both hands:In order to succeed in academics, it is important to have sound mind in sounder body. Many of us downplay, or neglect physical aspects in academics but one could hardly expect you to give your scholarly best with runny nose, aching joints and a throbbing head.
  2. Diet and exercises are closely correlated to academic success:In order to perform well in academics, it is important to avoid bad diet that could not only cause health concerns, but also bring distress in academics, even failures. Mental and bodily exercises do not only exercise brain and body muscles but also keeps them working at optimum levels.
  3.  Rest is important to recharge mental and body batteries:Rest, respite and sleep are important constituents of human body built-up that are necessary for academic success and consistent performance over time.


A healthy body-psyche combine is essential for academic success as is sharing knowledge and understanding along the learning continuum. If learning helps achieve knowledge, sharing it doubles and multiplies the success effects, in leaps and bounds. Learning is a much more difficult proposition than teaching and academic success lies in how best learning can be imbibed through challenging goal seeking, single minded commitment and the burning desire to achieve.

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