Christmas With The Arabian Night Culture In Dubai

Well, now imagine a Christmas night in the desert. Christmas is the hotter time in the year and the fabulous weather of Dubai and delicious meals can make this time more charming and interesting. You will really enjoy it. Your Christmas celebration in Dubai will add a different perspective in life so it would be wise decision to not miss it.



Outstanding Food in Desert

Forget continental food and lavish city restaurants but move for the traditional and simple way of living. That will be really very inspiring and your will like the idea. Fresh BBQ, rice, camel and lamb meat will relish your taste buds with quite different flavors. You will eat more than your hunger. It is the time to skip your diet plan. Forget everything of your routine life as this moment is rare in its kind so better to enjoy it with its maximum fun. Sweet desserts are also there so keep some space for them too.

Fragrant Tea

The traditional Arab

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