Asbestos cleanup or removal- Follow the greener ways!

Asbestos, a set of six naturally occurring silicate materials, is popular for its heat resistance, affordability, average tensile strength and insulation properties. It was increasingly used in electrical appliances, for its various useful industrial properties. Research and studies however, came up with revelations regarding its serious repercussions due to its carcinogenic nature.

Asbestos cleanupAsbestos is one of the biggest environmentally hazardous elements, which is commonly found in your homes and offices. If the abrasive asbestos fibers are dispensed into the air, these can lead to a large number of health complications.
Medical research has shown that prolonged inhalation of asbestos can be detrimental to your health. The asbestos fibers are tiny, abrasive particles that interfere with respiration and damage lung tissues. These can also lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural plaque.

What are the likely sources of asbestos in homes and offices?

Though the usage of asbestos has significantly declined over the last few years, there are still some products that contain asbestos. Some common sources of asbestos in your homes and offices include:
· Spray on fire retardant
· Linoleum flooring
· Flooring tiles
· Vermiculite insulation
· Drywall joint compound
· Acoustical ceiling tiles
· Artificial ashes and embers used in gas furnaces
· Older ironing board covers
· Door gaskets in furnaces, wood or coal stoves
· Vehicle brake pads, linings, clutch facings and gaskets
These items could be hidden sources of asbestos, which can be easily identified upon close examination. If you suspect asbestos, consider having it examined at an accredited asbestos laboratory.

Green asbestos abatement- Does it exist?

Asbestos is one of the most dreaded environmental concerns, which has led to large number of ‘mesothelioma’ cases. The mere identification and disposal of asbestos in your homes can be quite a costly affair. It can also be potentially hazardous for the environment as only very few authorized dump sites care to safely dispose asbestos. Some safer and greener ways to go about green asbestos abatement include:

· Make safe chemical choices for Asbestos cleanup- It is always better to make safe chemical choices instead of working towards asbestos removal later. Go for non-carcinogenic items without chlorofluorocarbons that are biodegradable. If you’re looking for abatement activities in your homes or offices for asbestos containing floor tiles, consider using eco-friendly cleaners. This could make even asbestos waste removal a green process.

· Safe dumping- You would have to make sure you choose the right and authorized waste disposal professionals who help in disposing off the asbestos in greener ways. Those professionals who comply with legalities and work towards eco-friendly disposal can help in completely mitigating these negative impacts on the environment.

· Recycling- Asbestos fibers that endanger your home and industrial construction safety can be recycled in greener ways also. There are eco-friendly measures to help in destruction of asbestos fibers. Upon destroying these fibers, your asbestos waste can be easily recycled. Vitrification, an eco-friendly measure of destroying asbestos, produces a significantly lower waste volume. It is also a more efficient and cost-effective method.

Asbestos needs to be safely removed from our lives. It is a leading cause of most occupational health hazards. Safe removal of asbestos and further precautionary methods can go a long way in maintaining proper health and safety of individuals. Never attempt asbestos removal on your own and remain guarded against the perils of this dreaded chemical by conducting regular asbestos inspections in your home.

Author Bio: Anna Dawson is a Blogger,and marketing strategist who loves working. She has been in the Industrial sector for a while now and really admires the importance of Welding Safety Equipment and Construction safety.


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