Give Yourself a Feeling of Health, Balance and Harmony with the Environment and Other Living Beings

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Vegetarian food includes food that uses ingredients of vegetable origin, milk and milk products, and excludes meat, meat products and fish. The word vegetarianism comes from the Latin word “vegetus” which means healthy or natural.

Balance and Harmony

There are different kinds of vegetarians

According to the type of food they use, vegetarians are divided into:

  • Lacto-vegetarians, who in addition to plant foods use milk and milk products.
  • Ovo-vegetarians, who use plant food and eggs.
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians use plant food, milk, milk products and eggs.
  • Vegans who do not eat animal products and honey.

The impact of vegetarian food on health

Millions of people are unhappy, die prematurely and suffer from serious diseases that could be prevented by low calorie vegetarian recipes. Any food that we eat, is imbued with its own vibration, affecting all aspects of our being – the physical body, mind and spirit of a person who is eating. So, we have to include in our nutrition easy vegetarian recipes in order to feel much better.

Food is divided into three groups according to impact on our health and life:

  1. The first group is the food with beneficial impact on health, which most successfully contributes to physical and mental health. These include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains, milk and milk products. Those are foodstuffs included in the best vegetarian recipes, which may be in the same time tasty and healthy. This food contains all the vital proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.
  2. Another group is the food that causes hyperactivity and when we use it we become nervous, restless and aggressive. This group includes drinks with caffeine and Tein, such as coffee, black tea, cola drinks, chocolate, strong spices, excessive amounts of candy and some medications.
  3. The third group is the food that causes sluggishness, lethargy and apathy, which includes meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, tobacco, and all fermented and canned food, as well as old warmed dishes. This food is never included in easy vegetarian recipes.

All those who wish to achieve physical health, mental dynamism and spiritual health should avoid the second and third food group, and opt for great vegetarian recipes.

Benefits of vegetarian diet

From the beginning of recorded history, it is believed that a vegetarian diet is a natural diet of man. Many famous people throughout history and today have chosen this way of eating. Millions of people around the world still accept low calorie vegetarian recipes, in order to maintain the health and positivism.

There are many prejudices about the vegetarian diet is unhealthy. It is scientifically proven that this information is not correct at all. On the contrary, sicker is the group of people who use in the nutrition more meat, fish and eggs. These foods increase the acidity of the blood, and spending base reserve of the body, reducing resistance and creating conditions for the emergence of the disease. On the other hand, foods of plant origin are alkaline or neutral. They are rich in cellulose, which is accelerating work of intestines, reducing contact between food and the mucosa, preventing the decay and thus influencing the reduction in absorption of the toxin.

Based on all the above, it can be concluded that a vegetarian diet significantly affects all aspects of health, that vegetarians get sick less and less visit doctors. They are mentally stable. Also, all other diseases are less common among them, ranging from heart disease, high blood pressure, diseases of the respiratory, digestive, urinary venereal diseases, benign and malignant tumors, and so on.

Vegetarian food is the food of the future, it has no alternative and medicine, whether it want to admit that or not, has to accept the facts of the case, despite the strong opposition of many individuals whose misconceptions and ignorance are embodied in an unhealthy tradition, indifference to truth and unwillingness to change themselves and their bad habits.

Vegetarian diet is a diet that gives a feeling of health, balance and harmony of body and spirit, bringing to man’s life health and harmony with the environment and other living beings.

It has never been easier to become a vegetarian.

Due to the rich offer of vegetarian food you could include in your menu great vegetarian recipes. You can eat almost everything: soy steaks, vegetarian sausages, pates, and you can finish your meal with desserts without animal milk. Best vegetarian recipes you can make yourself.

Take a walk to the nearby market where you will find color spectrum of various vegetables and fruits, and you can fill your basket with excellent products, which just a few years ago you could only dream of: the products of tofu, soy-based cheeses, mayonnaise and milk, and meat imitations, which can be prepared alone or combined in your <a href=””>favorite recipes</a>.

The most important thing in the vegetarian diet is that allows you to return to nature and become its integral part and the guardian, and by no means an enemy.


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