Boost your mental health

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Sometimes you wonder how some people keep it together in the midst of all that is happening around them. There are distractions from work, job, family,  relationships, school, among other aspects of life. They cost you your peace of mind, you get stressed, you can’t think straight and your performance starts to deteriorate. You need to relax.

Take time and meditate 

Meditation is the practice whereby a person focusses their mind in an object,  activity or thought to achieve a mentally calm state.  This enables you, and not the distractions around you, to be in control of your body and mind. There is a variety of meditation types, but the most common is the concentration meditation. Other meditation types include: walking meditation, mindfulness meditation and tai chi.

Concentration meditation involves focusing on a single point like ones breathing,  repeating a single word or mantra. Whenever you notice your mind wandering off, you refocus your attention on the object. For a beginner, meditation for a long time is hard.  You can start doing it for a few minutes then work your way up.

Meditation helps you body and mind to relax, and gave some inward peace.  With the relaxation comes a basket full of health benefits: lowers the blood pressure, improve blood circulation,  reduces anxiety,  and there are more feelings of well being.


Health experts recommend sleeping for at least 7 hours. But there is more about sleep than the sleeping hours. ‘Sleep used to be kind of ignored just like parking our car in the garage and picking it up,’ David Rapoport, MD, director of the NYU sleep disorders program.

Sleep is important for every human being: it is good for both your physiological and mental health.  Sleep helps your brain: relax: consolidate, strengthen, reorganize and restructure memories thus creativity and clarity of thought.

Caffeine after mid afternoon should be avoided as it may cause caffeine sleep- disruptive effects. In addition to this, all electronics should be put off an hour before bed. They emit a blue light that prevents the production of melatonin, a hormone without which we have difficulty falling asleep or staying awake.

So, get adequate sleep, it will do your mind and body some good.

Free your mind 

Sometimes striking a balance between all that is happening in our lives is exhausting and stressful. It is important to let go of all that is making you unsettled. When you are ready to let go, write down all your thoughts. Then from the list, group your thoughts in their order of preference. Whatever isn’t important has no right to stress you up. At the end of every day, plan for the next day’s tasks. This will provide a guideline of thought and focus.

Self Love 

Nobody will love you like you love yourself. In case you harbor negative thoughts and feelings towards yourself, let them go. Letting go of all the negative energy will help you have some peace of mind.  Everybody makes mistakes. There is no point of beating yourself up about things that you did in the past and have no power over them now.  Forgive yourself, love yourself,  say positive things about yourself and work on building your self esteem and image.

It is important to forgive those that have caused you hurt too.  Having a heavy heart and grudges only drains energy from you and causes untold pain and stress. Letting go of those hurts brings relieve and peace.

Get outdoors more often 

Research shows that there are fewer chances for people who live in places with a good natural environment than those who do not. Go out for nature walks, they help you relax and take you away from the depressing reality for sometime. Go for your morning runs in a good park and not those busy, crowded walk paths. Spend a little more time outdoors.

Your mental health is very important  and should be taken care of. Be it through meditation, clearing your mind, getting adequate sleep or getting outdoors, ensure that your mind is always at a productive state.