Limitations that Prevent Growth in a Call Center

Call centers are the forefront of client service for all types of industry. It is very important for any company to keep its customers satisfied. This can create or destroy the face value or brand of any organization. Here are few problems that limit the call center from providing an optimum service. A better understanding of the problems faced by call centers in the present world will help you foresee and manage your services better.
Mentioned below are a few problems faced by a typical call center service and more importantly how they can be overcome effectively.
Staff Attrition and Agent Absentees
In view of the shift timings and the constant target-specific pressure on the agents, absenteeism and attrition are the major problems haunting the call centers today. The average annual absent rate is 11% across the globe as reported by the firm Dimension Data, a multi national IT infrastructure and servicing company. This puts excessive pressure on the rest of the people, which lead to a higher attrition rate. The remedy for this is to encourage the agents to have a healthy work-life balance. Policies should be designed for a fair work distribution. Agent engagement in various outdoors activities can take off the stress and frustration related to this particular job profile.
Future Career Incentives
Most of the call centers fail to design a specific career development path for its staff. The problem appears because; call centers are inherently flat structures. The effect of this is very clear, the organization risks loosing its best personnel as it fails to provide adequate career growth opportunities. Large organizations such as AnswerPlus Answering Service provide examples of wholesome customer satisfaction along with employee satisfaction.
Poor Efficiency of Staff
With the high attrition rate, the burden ultimately falls on the trainers who do their best to train the new agents. First Call Resolution (FCR) is regarded as the highest mark for customer satisfaction. With increasing number of customers calling with composite problems and the low quality training of the agents, it is difficult to achieve FCR. Therefore, to increase efficiency, we again recommend agent encouragement for a healthy work-life balance, and agent engagement in various activities, as mentioned earlier.
Managing Different Channels of Information
In a city like Toronto, New York, organizations like AnswerPlus Answering Service are changing rapidly in the face of challenges to keep up with the different channels people now use to communicate. An average city person does not only use telephone but now communicates via e-mails, texts, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Call centers have to find a way to prioritize on a specific media channel. 
Customer Attrition
Lastly, a customer discontinuing their relationship with a service provider is the most feared problem in a call center. Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction helps to confirm that customer attrition is reduced. Considering you can’t really run a business without customers, this is a front which requires the maximum focus.
About the author: Grace is a blogging enthusiast and likes to write about a wide range of topics. She is associated with AnswerPlus Answering Service, which has professional teams in Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary and New York.


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