Cheating During A Diet – Yes or No???

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When it comes to strict regime or diet there is always the question- is it good to have cheat meals in particular time of the diet or not ? This question to be correctly answered, we should look to the two aspects of the diet – quality and quantity as well the  mental and physical which every one of these create them.

Diet,Regime – What Are We Talking About ?

Definition for diet according to vocabulary is – “To eat and drink occasionally according to specified rules” or “controlled intake of food for cosmetic reasons or lowering the body weight”

During A Diet

However,these definitions doesn’t tell us nothing about the quality and quantity part of the diet and their consequences.In every day life the word diet is understood wrong.Diet means eating less calories(quantity aspect) from the usual and eating “specific” food” (quality aspect).Considering the consequences from the cheating(formal known as consistency / inconsistency ) and trying to explain the good and the bad sides, its important to make difference between these aspects of diet:  

  • Calories Restriction

When we cut our calorie intake, our body answers in a way that slows our metabolism and also lowering our physical activity.If lowering the calories is too strict, our body enters a phase of “hunger” which is opposite of every method for losing fat .

  • Restriction Of Certain Foods

One diet usually has explicit list (or implicit )of food that is suggested .Eating specific type of food has more mental impact,especially if you don’t like the food that is part of your diet

  • Different Types Of Cheating

When you look into caloric restriction and specific food separately, you would notice that there are 3 types of cheating while on a diet :

– Eating more calories of the “diet” food – quantity cheating

– Eating forbidden food, but still in the boundaries of your needed caloric intake – quantity cheating

– Eating forbidden food and exciding your daily caloric intake – double big mistake

  • Consistency / Inconsistency  in the diet has no connection with the yo-yo effect!

Before we proceed, we need to clarify that the discussion about cheating (cheating) in the diet should not be confused with the yo-yo effect (also called weight cycling changing, when a person repeatedly loses and adds weight). Yo-yo effect definitely has harmful effects, especially psychological.

  • Possible benefits and risks of cheating during a diet?

Allow yourself a little flexibility during a weekend, holiday in order to achieve psychological rest and reduce boredom of constant same food, and allow yourself to be longer on a diet. However, flexibility can also increase the risk of “risky situations”, the possibility of losing  control over food. This is especially true for dependent persons.

Cheating on a diet will produce good or bad effect on your progress depends  on your  preferences and the reason why are you doing it

From a biological point of view, when doing quantitative cheating, or  eating large quantity of “good diet food” can have a positive effect.

When it comes to other types of cheating, the consequences are more than psychological origin. If you have a character who is prone to addiction, don’t even think about cheating. Remember, the best remedy is to envy complete abstinence.

If you do not have such a character, and still have quite fat you need to  lose, in order to make a quantitative or qualitative cheating during the weekend, when you eat foods that are “banned”, but it need to be in your daily caloric basket.But you can do this if you feel that it will help you to endure longer time with your diet.

If you don’t  have too much fat that  you need to lose, and if you’re on a diet just to get in a better shape, then you can do 2 kinds cheating, the “forbidden foods” and exceeding the daily intake during the weekend, but do not overdo it – your body and mind will take into consideration what you are doing.


In any case, cheating in the diet should be a reason in order to allow you more time to stay in the regime, not because others convince you that you need to test yourself or to lie yourself that cheating have to do something with the progress because your friends told you so.

Our advice is you need to try it yourself and see how things affect you, try and see how you feel. If you start to lose control, then you will know that you lie yourself cheating in the diet is not for you, it is best to stick strictly to the diet. But however, little “slip” off the track does not mean it’s a failure, turn these mistakes into lessons so that you will have have success.
My name is Bojan Velevski,im owner of the website mentioned above,Im 24 years and I live in Macedonia,Europe.My hobby is fitness and maintaining healthy life in general so I decided writing articles and later on the idea for the website was born.If you are interested more in proper nutrition,workouts,fat loss, you can find more on the web site.

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