Top Four Reasons 99 Percenters Should Consider Flying Private

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Private jets enjoy a reputation as being a travel option reserved solely for the uber-rich who have as many luxury yachts as they do sports cars. This is a misconception. The truth is that, while pricey, private jet travel can be accessible even to those who don’t make millions of dollars a year. Another misconception is that private jet travel serves no other purpose than to provide VIP service to wealthy passengers. This is a falsehood as well. There are a number of very practical reasons why executive travelers would opt for a private jet charter, and they are outlined below.

Flexibility and Convenience

Consider Flying Private

The reliability of commercial flights can oftentimes be tenuous. Flights are constantly being delayed or canceled outright. Combine that with increasingly strict airport security measures, and that’s the reason few people actually look forward to getting on a commercial flight. With a private jet, everything is tailored to the passenger’s needs, from the schedule to the destination airport. This is convenient because chartered aircraft are serviced by far more airports throughout the world than commercial planes. That means passengers on private jets have the option to fly into or out of big metropolitan hubs as well as small private air terminals or even airstrips.

But it’s the ease of private jet travel is the biggest selling point. Those who book a private charter don’t have to deal with delays, cancellations, invasive and time-consuming security checks, layovers, lack of parking, lines at the ticket counter and crowded airplanes. Private jet passengers simply drive directly up to the plane, hand their baggage to an attendant and board. And since the cabins of private jets are spacious, passengers can relax or work without discomfort or interruption.


Air safety is of paramount importance to any traveler, and few methods of air travel offer the piece of mind of a private jet charter. In this context, “private” isn’t a euphemism — it means exactly that. Passengers book these flights through a charter broker, so they only travel with those they know, and the only baggage on board is theirs. Pilots of private charters are all properly vetted and trained, with their complete track record of safety and experience made available through the charter company.


Naturally it costs more to fly privately than commercially, but these costs are not nearly as prohibitive as many would believe. Depending on the type of aircraft chartered (turboprop or jet) passengers can book a flight for a few hundred dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars per hour. This is a price scale that can accommodate many different budgets.

Aircraft Selection

As mentioned above, passengers who opt for private air travel can choose the type of aircraft they wish to book. A turboprop aircraft typically travels between 280 and 320 miles per hour. This makes turboprops the best bet for trips between three and four hours. Turboprops are also the cheapest aircraft to charter. Jet aircraft, on the other hand, typically travel between 460 and 550 miles per hour. That makes private jets perfect for both long and short trips. The tradeoff is that jet aircraft are more expensive to charter.

When taking into account these considerations, the world of private air travel seems far less exclusive. In fact, the many benefits of chartering a private jet are what continuously attract new travelers. And with many private aircraft charter companies on the market, it’s possible to search multiple listings in order to find even more attractive prices.

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