Tips For Creating Office Spaces That Make People Want To Go To Work

Creating Office Space

It is not a new idea that a nice office will make you work better than a cramped, dark, windowless place in which you feel trapped for eight hours. According to psychology, in order to be able to make the most of some higher brain functions as creativity and productivity, some basic needs have to be met before that. In simpler words, you won?t really be able to write amazing poetry while starving or you won?t be able to think about future prospects of your business if you are sitting on a chair that actually hurts your back, exposed to neon lights for far too long.

Creating Office Space

Open the Space Up

If you have ever seen the chickens being transported in those horrible cages all piled up one over the other at the back of the truck then you definitely know how people feel stuck in small offices without air, light or windows. Cubicle after a cubicle after a cubicle with no windows and artificial light is no way to treat people that are expected to be productive at their work and to do their best. Make the glass walls and open hallways. Make the central area free throughout the floors and have the big amount of air with no visible obstacles as your central part of the building. Ideally, let the celling be transparent as well because the natural light. It will open the space up and make the people feel more comfortable spending the long hours there.

Fulfill the Basic Needs

You can hardly think when you are hungry, sleepy, in need for coffee or just want to go to the bathroom. Now imagine spending 8 hours of your time at work with no proper conditions to satisfy those needs. All you would be able to think about is how to finish it all up and escape home. Therefore, it is necessary to make these things available at the workplace. First of all, toilets need to be flawless. They need to be spacious, clean, scented and they should never lack anything you might need there ? from the toilet paper to the disposable toothbrushes and deodorants. As for the snacks and meals, vending machines just don?t cut it. You will need a cafeteria, coffee machines, snack stands and the like. Google buildings have the 150 ft rule by which no office should be more than 150ft away from a food source.

Have a Lot of Common Areas

Ideas are being born from the interaction of the great minds. You cannot always tell who is doing what in your company and what are their current problems and issues. However, when they are together, people talk and while they talk they solve problems. Therefore, a lot of common areas and the places where you can meet other employees and discuss things with them freely are just the way to help the interaction and faster and more creative problem solving. With that in mind try and make sure people feel comfortable spending some of their time in the common areas, talking and interacting.


Even if this goes without saying, you need to make sure that people in the offices don?t lack things that they need to do their job. There should never be a lack of printing paper, ink, cartridges, and promotional items. People at work need to be free from thinking about saving and obtaining office material. Also, you need to make sure that the offices of people that work together are near and within the walking distance. If you have a really big building, consider having an internal courier service that will be the connection between the important departments, so that people don?t waste time carrying around documents.

Creative and Playful Ideas

Playful minds are more creative when it comes to solving problems. The environment that entices those people to work their best can be incorporated into the corporate design of the office very easily. For example, have a big whiteboard in the common area and a lot of colorful markers. Allow writing on the glass everywhere in the building and supply people with fun stickers, cool markers and everything else they might need to write down their ideas and draw them on big surfaces. Create playful and fun ways to move from one place in the building to another and try to put people into the ?out of the box? state of mind.

With these thing as a part of the everyday life in your office, people will be thrilled and eager to come and spend their working hours at the office. That is one of the factors that influence the productivity so make sure that you take advantage of it because it is fun, humane and useful.


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