Delicious Healthy Snack Foods

Delicious Healthy Snack-

ll pick-me-ups during the day, to boost those energy levels and get through 
a mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump. While most of us tend to go for unhealthy options such as sweets, biscuits and crisps, there are plenty of other snacks that not only fill the void but are also good for you. Health snacks are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, but along with recommendations such as cutting calories, increasing exercise and trying supplements such as carb blocker, many suggest cutting the snacks out. However, if you are dieting,health snacks can be more vital then ever.They work in conjunction with an improved diet so it helps if you’re eating healthy snacks rather than reaching for the junk food.
Delicious Healthy Snacks
Fruit is the healthiest snack you can have. It contains natural sugars and comes in a lot of varieties so you never get bored. You can cut yourself a fruit salad and include one of the super fruits: apples, kiwis and blueberries to ensure you get some nutrients in for your mid-morning snack as well as all their other health benefits. Kiwis boost your immune system and help keep your blood pressure low, while blueberries contain antioxidants that are good for weight loss, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Apples are the ultimate fruit however. Not only do they protect against numerous diseases such as heart conditions and Alzheimer’s and contain high levels of anti-oxidants, they also help control your weight. As they are high in fiber, they fill you up and yet are low in calories. You can also make juices or smoothies with fruits as a nice snack to perk you up. They’re a really fun way to get something healthy into your system.
Foods such as nuts, seeds and olives are a great nibble to keep on your desk at work too.Pumpkin seeds in particular are full of anti-oxidants and zinc – ideal for keeping your immune system in good health. Olives, on the other hand, are said to be one of the world’s healthiest foods. They’re full of a lot of nutrients that are known to treat inflammatory issues and loaded with anti-oxidants. They’re also high in monounsaturated fats which have a multitude of benefits; diets high in these fats correlate with a reduced risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Keeping a bowl of them on your desk is an excellent alternative to snacking on sweets as not only do they taste good, they are full of health benefits.
Other key snacks worth reaching for when you’re hungry include lightly salted edamame – a soy bean full of anti-oxidants – and plain popcorn. While the type of popcorn you get at the cinema is full of butter, sugar and salt, which is bad for you, plain popcorn is a different story. It is one of the healthiest snacks you can find and is full of fiber and is also a wholegrain, with polyphenols – which contain anti-oxidants (as popcorn doesn’t contain any water). This makes it a great snack to have around you, and a great one to opt for as an alternative to cinema popcorn.  Or you could mix popcorn up in a bowl alongside other small nibbles such as cranberries and raisins and pick on it during the day.
Another key snacks to have is some fun dip alongside vegetables. The most popular one is a combination of carrots and hummus. People often overlook this as a healthy food but the chickpeas in the hummus offer great health benefits. It’s high in protein and fiber as well as helping lower cholesterol and decreasing the risk of cancer.
You can also opt for small portions of cereal. While traditionally known as a breakfast meal,cereals can also be a great mid-morning snack to give you an extra bout of energy when you need it. It’s best to avoid anything too full of sugar but there are plenty of oat and bran based ones on the market to encourage you to be healthier. Add in some raisins or cranberries and you’ve got the perfect little snack to give you a boost.
And there you have it – some delicious alternatives to unhealthy snacks that you can leave on your desk, or in bowls around the house, and just nibble on throughout the day.

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