Diamond Fashion for Women?

A good man can give any kind of gift to their woman partner to show their affection towards her. But once a guy gives his girl a piece of diamond jewelry, then it truly shows how serious the man is to her woman.


Diamonds have been for a long time, the representation of many things for a woman. And while most men only see it as financial asset, or even simply, a well-crafted stone, to women, diamonds simply mean so much more for them.

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  • Why All Women Love Diamonds

If one knows the basics of chemistry, it should be know that diamonds are made of carbon, like ordinary coal. However, what makes diamonds very special is the process on who it’s made. Natural diamonds are formed out of carbon which is processed in an environment that’s very high both in temperature and pressure, and the process takes around a million of years, which explains their amazing luster, as well as extreme durability.


All women absolutely love possessing their own diamond jewelry, be it an earring, a ring, or any other accessory. Men also wanted diamonds, but what separates them from the women is the fact that for most women, a diamond jewelry is equivalent to having a part of themselves gained (or lost).


The value that a diamond holds is always regarded highly. Depending on the overall quality of the diamond, even a small piece that’s as big as a small pebble can easily net over a several month’s salary of any working-class individual, with bigger diamonds having higher quality easily costing a fortune.


Because of this, for a women, diamonds bestow them with several messages. For instance, when a guy gives his girlfriend a diamond ring, notably a high quality one, it’s solid proof that they guy is totally serious with his girlfriend. Conversely, for a woman, being given a diamond jewelry by their guy partners signifies many meanings, that the guy is willing to stay with his girlfriend forever, and that he’ll do anything in his power to make her feel special. Women love to be spoiled, and being given a piece of diamond jewelry evokes a feeling that she has when she’s her Daddy’s girl.


Diamond jewelry can also be seen as a status symbol amongst women. Diamonds add to the glamor and beauty that a woman certainly strives for, especially when in the company of her friends, and on social parties. For anyone, a girl who bears a number of diamond jewelry can be the subject of admiration, and even envy, to anyone in your presence. They feel like they can stand out, or even keep up, among the glamorous people around.


Overall, for women, wearing diamond jewelry isn’t just a simple diamond fashion statement for them, it’s something more. They feel very good among themselves, like a princess in a rich kingdom. Hence, when a guy gives diamonds to his girlfriend as a gift, it makes her feel that she deserves the very best.

  • Choosing The Right Kind of Diamond

Because of this, diamonds are certainly one of, is not the, most sought-after kind of jewelry for almost any occasion where giving gifts are mandatory.


However, in order to make the most out of your diamond hunting and budget, here are some tips that will surely come in handy for any diamond jewelry buyers out there.


Determining the quality of a diamond can easily be distinguished by four factors: Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat Weight.


  • Cut – In the natural state, diamonds are normally rough and hence, unappealing. That’s why, in order to bring out the maximum quality of a diamond, it must be cut and polished to it’s finest. Most people prefer a diamond who is small yet full of brilliance, that a large one who is dull and seemingly lifeless. The diamond’s cut is the most important aspect of the jewelry in question, as it’s the base for the other factors of a perfect diamond jewelry.
  • Clarity – How a diamond is cut reflects the clarity of the diamond in question. A diamond with high clarity will have very few imperfections, to almost none at all. However, if you’re going on a budget, you can also opt for some cheaper ones who, while they do have some imperfections, they are very hard to detect with the naked eye and are only visible during very close inspection.
  • Color – While also an important aspect in choosing a diamond, the differences on color quality can be very indistinguishable to the untrained eye, and will only be visible in a controlled environment. Obviously, colorless diamonds go for a higher value than those with even the faintest traces of color, since the quality of the cut also determines the light refraction of the diamond, hence, the color. Fluorescence in a diamonds can be perceived as a defect in the diamond itself, thus they sell cheaper that the other diamonds.
  • Carat Weight – The carat weight of a diamond is also a factor in the diamond’s value, with heavier carat weight having more price than lighter ones. It’s more preferable to buy diamonds that fall under the 1 ct. line, though, as long as their quality is superb, because these sells for a lower price than those on the 1 ct. line. However, when opting for this, make sure that the cut of the diamond is such that it appears large enough to be visible to the naked eye.


There’s also an important “C” to account for when purchasing diamonds, and that is Certification. In order to avoid buying poor quality diamonds, or even worse, fake diamonds, it’s best to check the diamond retailer for the proper certification and conformance, to ensure that the diamonds you buy from them are of high quality.


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