Do you believe in Supernatural Miracles why or why not

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Why or why not  believe in Supernatural Miracles

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14 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    What does this have to do with anything??

    • hidden duskpede says:

      We have some proof for that and none for anything else.

      • TechnoBear says:

        reincarnation. It's only some little things but it's more than we have for anything else.?

        • hidden duskpede says:

          there have been cases of young children remembering things that they are too young to know about. Like I said, it's barely anything but it's more than we have for any other idea.?

          • TechnoBear says:

            like what?

          • TechnoBear says:

            well ive seen kids remember things they couldnt of rememberd in this life?

          • Jade Morehouse says:

            when my sister was 3 we were watching a movie and as soon as a pyramid came on screen she jumped up saying she made one befor. not with blocks. she started describing the size of

          • TechnoBear says:

            have you heard about Occam's razor where the option that needs the less assumptions taken is most likely the right one?

  2. Quetzalcoatl Omnipotent says:

    Its not weather i believe it or not. Its objective according to science, we all are made of energy and energy never dissapears it transforms. So , someday our energy might transform to a different form of life or if we are lucky, we might come back to a human life form again ? ?

  3. Pastor Walters says:

    God it is for men to die once then the eternal judgement [ salvation is not a sic game ]?

    • Quetzalcoatl Omnipotent says:

      one does not need a god for reincarnation. It will come to pass regardless of opinion, faith or culture. These are the laws of the universe.?

      • Pastor Walters says:

        what part of of its for men to die [ once ] do you not understand ]

  4. Martin Smith says:


  5. Pastor Walters says:

    God is the power and the resurrection of the soul from beneath in bondage to the flesh cursed of God [ God al flesh its wound is incurable and all will return to the dust in its uncircumcision?