Why Drunk driving should be stopped at rate to save future

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The news of Jagat’s success in scoring best grades in his final year college exams brought in a long queue of visitors to his house.Everybody in his neighbour hood was extremely delighted by this news,and they had gathered at Jagat’s house to congratulate him personally on his tremendous achievement.
Jagat’s family members were virtually over the moon on Jagat’s success, and they were leaving no stone unturned to ensure that all the visitors were treated with sweets and a glass of water.
Among the many visitors arriving at Jagat’s house, an alcoholic middle-aged fellow living nearby also arrived to congratulate Jagat.
However, the condition of this fellow looked so bad that Jagat’s father was finally prompted to ask him, “Did you finish an entire bottle of whiskey before coming here today?” the Drunk driving fellow looked smilingly at Jagat’s father and said, “You know my friend, I had to drink an entire bottle of liquor because of some unavoidable reasons.
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Otherwise, I would never have done such a stupid thing in my whole life.” After hearing this, Jagat’s father had a puzzled look on his face and he instantly asked the fellow, “Would you mind if I asked you about this unavoidable reason?” The drunk fellow again smiled at Jagat’s father and said, ‘’While I was drinking today, I lost the cap of the liquor bottle somewhere.
And since I could not keep a liquor filled bottle without a cap, I had to finish the remaining liquor in the bottle as well.”
Hearing this funny excuse from the Drunk driving fellow, the whole gathering in the room had a hearty laugh as they made fun of this fellow’s drunk drinking habits in a big way.
With celebrations taking place and everybody enjoying Jagat’s moment of success, it was not long before the day finally gave way to evening, and Jagat’s friends started planning a dinner celebration in the night.
After discussing their plan with Jagat, they asked Jagat to seek approval of his parents to carry out their plan.
Hesitantly, Jagat brought up the idea to his parents, who immediately expressed their disapproval for holding such a late party outside.
However, they finally gave in to their son’s request on one condition that Jagat and all his friends would totally abstain from consumption of any kind of liquor in the party.
Having gotten the nod from his parents, Jagat and his friends were soon headed to one of the best hotels in that area with a resolve that they will keep the promise made to Jagat’s parents.
However, after reaching the hotel, the excitement of the night finally took over the instincts of Jagat’s friends, and soon everybody except Jagat was drinking to raise a toast to Jagat’s success.
Jagat on the other hand was determined to keep the promise he had made to his parents, and he came out with a great idea to mix apple juice with soda water concentrate, which almost looked like an alcoholic drink to convince his friends.
After lasting pretty late in the night, the celebrations finally came to an end, with everybody heading to their respective homes on their bikes.
Jagat’s parents were also awaiting the return of their son after the party, but when he did not come back even after break of dawn the next morning, they decided to look for him along the way of the hotel where he had gone to host the party.
Only halfway through the route of the hotel, they came across Jagat’s motorbike lying in a smashed condition along the pavement. Now extremely worried about Jagat’s welfare, his father started inquiring in all the nearby shops about his son.
After asking all in close vicinity, he came across a shop-keeper who told him that there was a big collision between a speeding car and a motorbike last night, and the police had taken the bike rider to a nearby hospital in this area.
Praying to God for their son’s welfare, Jagat’s parents immediately rushed to the hospital to find out about the condition of their son.
 Drunk driving
When they reached the hospital, they were devastated to find Jagat lying in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit, fighting for his life. The doctor attending to Jagat told them that Jagat’s condition was critical and they were keeping their fingers crossed at least for 12 hours before they could predict a recovery from him.
With tears rolling down her eyes, Jagat’s mother looked distraughtly at her son. Lying motionless and helplessly in that hospital bed, she could almost hear Jagat whispering in her ears, “Mom do you remember the promise I made to you about not drinking last night?
Mom, I swear that I did keep that promise and did not touch any liquor in the party. I always believed that whatever you and Dad advised me was always for my well being, and it was no different last night.
After finishing the party and seeing off my friends, I was returning back home driving my bike very carefully last night, when suddenly on an intersection, a speeding car came from the opposite direction and hit my bike pretty hard.
I was immediately knocked off my bike and fell flat on the ground. The moment I fell off the bike, I could hear people shouting that the car driver was heavily drunk. I also heard some heated exchanges between the car driver and the policeman, after which I heard the policeman saying something about a false case of drunken driving he would make against me, and the car driver soon drove away with his car.”
Jagat’s mom had tears streaming down her eyes as she continued hearing the slow whispering voice of her son in her ears saying, “Mom I think I have already lost a lot of blood, and I am feeling lot of pain as well. But what pains me the most is the fact that I am actually paying the price of a mistake that was not even committed by me.

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Mom I vouch on you that I did not drink in the party last night, but the fellow who did this to me with his rash drunken driving, will surely be sleeping peacefully in his bed, and he must have even forgotten about the incident by now.
Though I wonder, if someone like his mother had given him a sensible advice about not drinking and driving, I would not have been here in this helpless condition in the first place.
Dear Mom, I don’t know whether I will ever be able to get up from this bed again after incurring such serious injuries? In this hour of deep crisis, I again ask you that why do I have to suffer the consequences of a mistake I never even committed in the first place?”
Moved deeply by the poor plight of Jagat and his family, the tears welling up in Jolly Uncle’s eyes are calling out to all people who indulge in drunken driving to stop this madness which only destroys innocent people’s lives.
Jolly Uncle says, “When you can’t pave people’s path with flowers, you have no right to put thorns in their path.” Well, the world might go on saying what it felt for the poor Jagat, but Jagat’s mom could still hear the faint whispers of her son’s voice echoing in her ears, “Mother I did not drink, mother I am not a drunkard.” ———————————– {By the time we actually start understanding life, a good chunk of it has already passed.}

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