Dry Fruits Vs Fresh Fruits – Differences and Similarities

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Dry Fruits Vs Fresh Fruits

Fruits have always topped the list when it comes to charting down the healthy or nutritious diet. Nutritionists and health experts describe fruits as the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Daily 3 servings of fruits are usually recommended by the experts to avail major part of daily required fibers, vitamins, and minerals. While fruits are considered to be so important for the diet, there are different views about dried fruits. Some consider dry fruits as nutrition packed snacking food while some may consider it heavy on calories. The fact is subjective as it depends on various factors.

  1. Quantity – Yes, quantity of fruits or dry fruits you consume may be the major factor in deciding whether you are going on the right track or not. It is observed that one cup of fresh fruits is equivalent to 1/4th cup of dried fruits. Dry fruits are obtained after the water from the fresh fruit is removed by heat treatment. This means that dry fruit is the concentrated form of fruit and hence nutrient-dense. The calorie content of dry fruits can be considered higher if you compare the same quantity of both types of fruits. The calorie value and sugar content may not differ much if you compare apple to apple.

Dry Fruits Vs Fresh Fruits

  1. Nutritional Value – As dry fruits are obtained from fresh fruits, there won’t be much of difference in the nutritional value. Dry fruits are nutrient-dense fruits and hence can be consumed to get quicker calories. When you are indulged in some highly strenuous physical exercise like hiking, cycling, swimming, or similar other activity then you will require quicker calories that can be availed only from dry fruits. Handful of dry fruits would do the wonder, but same calories may affect your weight loss routine negatively as the lack of water content may make you hog on these mini fruit delights adding lots of calories.
  2. Fibers and vitamins – Dry fruits are dense and are loaded with fibers. Again they don’t have water content, so will stay light on stomach. Dry fruits can be consumed easily on the go and can be stored in air tight container for months without getting spoiled. The ease of storage and consumption makes this food a good choice to stock your body with fibers anytime anywhere. About vitamin content, dry fruits may not have same amount of vitamin A, B, and C as the fresh fruit. These vitamins are destroyed to some extent when the fruit undergoes the process of drying.
  3. Sugar and calories – This is considered to be one of the major differences between dry fruits and fresh fruits, but actually it is not! When you compare the calorie and sugar in one fresh apple to one dry apple then the difference won’t be much, but if you compare ½ cup fresh apple to ½ cup dry apple then the difference would be major due to the water present in the fresh apple. For example, one serving i.e. 1 cup of fresh apple contains 13 grams sugar and 65 calories, while one serving i.e. 1/4th cup of dried apple contains 12 grams sugar and 52 calories, which is almost the same. Hence, when you stick to the serving size of one cup fresh fruits = 1/4th cup dried fruits then there won’t be major difference in the calories and sugar content. The only advantage of fresh fruit is that it keeps our fuller for long.
  4. Minerals – Just as vitamins, minerals are also lost during the process of drying. Fresh fruits have more amount of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus compared to their dried counterparts. It is observed that mineral content in fresh fruits is almost double that in dried fruits.

While dry fruits are nutrition dense, they also lack on vitamins and minerals due to the heating process involved. Yet, one can opt for dry fruits in case of instant energy requirement and also to get the advantage of fruits in all seasons.

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