Effects of god’s love

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What are the effects of loving God

The Love of God surpasses all the love you could find on this earth 
the greatest love you could ever find on earth 
The effects of god’s love never ends :  His love endures forever. 
be it yesterday, today or tomorrow 
Jesus on the CrossThe Love of God is beyond words ; which no one could truly express or demonstrate

The Love of God is greater by far ; which nothing and no one could compensate who could repay,who dare to die for mankind?

Even some do,who of we without sin yet willing to die?where no words or deeds could show The Love of God is 

The Love of God is the reason why He came and die on the Cross to set us/me free
The effects of god’s love; The extend He would show , The compassion He has towards us by reaching out to us despite of our sin deserve
The Love of God is everflowing like waterfall which never stop flowing a streams of water which never goes dry 
 god's love
The Love of God is visible everywhere like air which never stop flowing 
 a streams of  air which never goes away

The Love of God is for all  whoever you are it never forgets you in the times of odds 

The effects of god’s love is visible everywhere you just have to ask him honestly and he is ready to help you to get desired results even its impossibleeffects of god's love

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