Questions to Ask Your Entertainment Agency before Your Event


When planning the entertainment for your event, it’s wise to cover all aspects of the venue before the contract is signed.  By making a list of questions to ask the agency with which you want to do business, you’ll leave no detail to chance which makes for a wonderful event.  In a recent article from Here Comes the, a rather complete list of topics to cover shared tips for effective, efficient event planning.  By following this list of helpful tips, you won’t be leaving anything to chance and your event will be one that the guests remember fondly for many years to come.

Tip #1-Cover the Basics. You should cover the basic information first so that there are no misunderstandings between you and your entertainment agency.  Ascertain if they have your date open; that is always a good place to start. Check if they’ve provided performers for this type of event before, and how long they have been in business.  Ask what sets them apart from their competition, the types of services that they provide, and if they will furnish you with some references. If they hum and har about any of these requests, you may have a problem.

Tip #2-Ask about the pricing and details of their services. You should always check and agree what deposit they require, when it will be due, and when you will be expected to make the final payment to them.  Find out if the price includes the set-up and break-down process. If an event overruns and lasts longer than you planned for any reason, check to see if any additional fees that might be incurred are included in the quote.  Inquire about the refund policy; always ask if they carry liability insurance, if there is any excess and how it may affect you, your business or any other person involved in the event.

Entertainment agencies can save you time and effort by providing you with a plethora of choices for any event at any location

Tip #3-Be sure to discuss the type of music that you want. When you are working with a professional agency, you’ll need to know if they can help you with the musical selections for your event.  Ask about the song list of the performers that they are suggesting, check to see if the performers will they be using wireless microphones, and always check any special electrical requirements of the instruments that will be used.  It’s important to ask about back-up equipment, the space that’s required, and what type of music is provided for your guests during break time.

In short, you can never ask too few questions. The more you know, the more you understand and the closer you work with the agency, the more successful the event will be for all concerned.

Tip #4-Be sure to discuss restrictions that are observed by local law enforcement agencies in your area. If there are noise ordinances, curfews, or limits on electrical circuits, you need to discuss this with one of the entertainment agencies representatives early on in your conversations about your event.

Tip #5-Be specific in the request that you have about style of dress for the performers. It’s important that your guests feel comfortable with the attire that the performers are wearing and the manner in which they present themselves during their performance.  Professional entertainers have a plethora of options with how they dress but you must be exact with your requests for style and presentation.  If you have any need for period costumes or extremely formal clothing, you will be expected to pay for this as is customary in many cases.

Remember, it is your event and you can have any theme you desire at a price. As with any event or show there is a limit on what can be offered within a budget. The larger the budget available, the more add-ons it is possible to include. Always check with the agency prior to moving forward what can and cannot be entertained on wish lists and preferences.

Working with a professional agency and having a list of questions prepared to ask will assure you of a successful and enjoyable event. It will show the agency staff you mean business and that you’re not prepared to accept failure or mishap.



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