Facebook addiction disorder Reasons of rising dropout of scholar kids. is it due to FACEBOOK Founder

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Today teens,kids wants fun, enjoyment that they easily get on facebook super cool features like facebook directory,chat facebook,games,wall,facebook status,facebook page,etc.
Facebook mark zuckerberg dropout website is cause or reasons of rising dropout of scholar kids.So, while parents are busy with there online status updates ,teens,kids are accessing power on Facebook apps with fake profiles, cell phones, cyber cafe, etc .so can parents catch there teens, kids on
Facebook mark zuckerberg
Facebook activities hmm…Impossible is perfect word why parents are finding helpless to keep tab on
Teens, kids on facebook activities.
No time to study, enjoy with real friends as teens, kids are fooling parents because of Facebook activitys like chat,games, wall,etc.
The question is so serious considering the younger generation around world which cant imagine a life
Without facebook.

Are Facebook addiction disorder reasons of rising dropout of once scholar kids?

Facebook Side effect
I wish world has answer for my serious questions considering age of kids who dont realize harmful effects of facebook activities.
Let’s do something before it’s too late as more & more kids are getting control of Facebook activitys like
Chat, games, wall,etc. were no one can monitor what  actually are kids doing on facebook .
so please reply or comment if you have word of advice on facebook addiction disorder and problem topics  so your thoughts will be heard worldwide today

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