Professional search engine marketing way to win competitors

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 Professional search engine marketing Tricks

We have found New SEO Must Read critical Dos to get full marks in professional search engine marketing

 #SEO URL Analysis

Every website or your  blog name called as domain name(s) should be as short

as possible.


for example:


Search engines and visitors can interact with your website more affectively


when you use URLs that describe the pages content

  how to analyze websites

#SEO website Title Analysis  advice

Every website or your  blog  Title should never exceed Length of 0-70 characters long, including
Consider our website Title “Share-ask and Express yourself “Length: 30 characters
Try to Keep your titles concise and make sure they contain your best keywords.
Each page should have its own exclusive title.

#SEO Meta description Analysis-

It should be 70-160 characters long and should be concise and contain your best keywords to attract
people who are searching you by keywords or Meta description in Google search .
So attractive Meta description in 70-160 characters long ,always attract huge traffic were people always
prefer best description
SEO meta tag optimization
So each page of your website should have its own meta description,if you want traffic from all your pages
Consider our website Meta description
Write for people and Share-ask your top collection of Worlds popular Articles,News,How to,tipsJobs,Chatrooms with world
Length: 119 characters

#SEO Meta keywords Analysis

Meta keywords are words or phrases that pertain to your sites content ,so researching Meta keywords is
for example:
If 100% of searches are using Meta keywords say “FACEBOOK”,then only top website gets traffic.
So work on searches by using Meta keywords say “FACEBOOK gifts”,then you can get users who are
looking for “send gifts on facebook”  website to get traffic quickly from popular Meta keywords
In the past, people have tried to take advantage of this tag so now it doesnt affect your search rankings
the way that it used to.
SEO search meta keywords

#SEO Headings Analysis-

 You can include keywords in your headings.
The initial heading (<H1>) should include your best keywords or highest keyword search.
Using only one <H1> heading per page will strengthen your SEO.
  seo page titles

#SEO Images Analysis-

Every  found  images on your website should have  alt attributes or name for search engines to index
ALT text (ALT attribute) does not appear for many of your images.
We suggest adding ALT text to your images so that its easier for search engines to index them.
Search engines dont physically see images the way people do. ALT text is an option that allows you to
specifically describe the image.
ALT text attaches a description to your pictures so that they show up in Google™ and other search
engines image results.
Make sure your website images have their own specific ALT text.
If there are  empty or missing alt attributes or name of images on your website then Google never will-
know what that image is about .
So even if you have hundreds of images with missing alt attributes ,Google will never display them in its
#SEO Text/HTML ratio Analysis-
Every website ,the ratio of text to HTML code on your page is should be  between 15% and 50%.
We suggest adding more text to your website.
Try to use more recurrence of keywords on your page and adding more text that pertains to your websites
content that  can strengthen your SEO 
#SEO Frames Analysis-
For Good SEO  ,any frames on your webpage should be completely avoided .
Its hard for search engines to index pages with frames since it does not follow the standard layout for a
 search engine optimization tagsFor Good SEO Your website should not use any signs of Flash content.
Flash is only good in certain situations like enhancing the look of your page.
For better SEO, do not use flash at all.
Its possible that this could change in the near future but as of right now, Flash cannot be indexed by search engines.
AJAX is also in the same category as Flash.
#SEO XML sitemap Analysis-
For Good SEO Your website should contains an XML sitemap.
An XML sitemap lists URLs that can be crawled and may offer other information such as how often you update, when your last update occurred and importance.
With an XML sitemap, search engines can index your website more accurately.
Although its been debated, we suggest that you submit an XML sitemap to Google™ Webmasters Tools.
#SEO Microformats Analysis-
Your page does not utilize Microformats.
Microformat is a markup that is used to structure the data that is being sent to search engines more
The presentation of Googles search results is always improving due to Microformats.
#SEO Dublin Core Analysis-
Dublin Core is a set of metadata standards that describe your websites content.
#SEO Geo Meta Tags Analysis-
This webpage is not Geotagged.
The search engine Bing utilizes Geo-Meta Tags even though Google™ doesnt.
#SEO Feeds Analysis-
Blogs and news websites depend on feeds,so 
Your websites visibility improves when subscribers to your feed are alerted of content updates.
Tip: FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools for web-based publishers as well as bloggers and podcasters.
#SEO Favicon Analysis-
Its good that you have a favicon image.
Ensure that your favicon reflects your brand.
Featured tip: If you want a better experience for your visitors, have a look at this great favicon.
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