What beautiful feature in iOS 8 are expected by experts

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As iOS 8 update release date approaches Fans around the world are interested in learning what will be next Iphone iOS 8 update.

So with great demand from our readers we bring you insights of next Iphone iOS 8 update

ios 8 features



Quick Iphone iOS 8 update Features expected

New Text Edit in addition to Survey report viewer applications

Siri improvements

Healthbook” iphone app


Enhanced Routes iphone app

Achievable cell payments

More Improved features

How will be iOS 8 look like?

We found Latest Iphone iOS 8 image was leaked on Weibo

Iphone iOS 8 image

It seems from the  Latest Iphone iOS 8 image that its very close in looks of iOS7, with the same layout and the same apps and icons. Three new apps caught our attention: Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips.

What  experts Expect from the iOS 8 features?

Siri improvements-

Shazam integration intended for Siri with iOS 8 would likely provide Apple an advantage in excess of buffering audio competitors just like Spotify, only on time for a BRITISH introduction regarding iTunes R / c.






iOS 8 might include some sort of “Healthbook” app that has a resemblance to the existing Passbook app, pulling in health-related info by a number of options comparable to Passbook aggregates retail store credit cards, tickets, along with other facts.



Its most awaited features by the Iphone iOS user and newly released gossip through 9to5Mac possesses encouraged the particular important point of interest regarding iOS 8 could be the iWatch and its associating health-related applications as well as capabilities.


Achievable cell payments-

As per  Wall Street Journal   Apple is putting its effort to develop a new mobile payment service were you can shop physical goods and services as this feature was totally missing in iOS7 

Considering todays  cell or mobile payments system


More Improved features-

It is highly likely considering the huge market of Iphone, iOS users will get more Improved features so as to increase more reach and gain trust of the market volatility.



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