The Very Best In Festival Fashion this new year Latest trends

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Festival Fashion this new year Latest trends

The mere mention of the word ‘festival’ is enough to send most music fans into an enraptured frenzy of excitement. The bands! The booze! The girls! The mud, the grime, the sweat. Festivals are dirty places, inside and outside the tents, but they don’t have to equate to fashion death. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to look good through a weekend of sleepless nights, tinned beans and astronomical alcohol consumption. All you have to do is invest in a few festival  fashions essentials, says Topman journalist Jamie Carson.

If can team this summer’s biggest latest trends with comfort and convenience – you’ve hit the festival fashions jackpot. You don’t have to spend an hour in your tent with portable straighteners every morning and you don’t have to spend a fortune on ripped jeans and beaded sandals. You just have to look great and feel great with the minimum of effort. That way, you can spend less time getting ready and more time listening to Green Day or Eminem – whatever takes your fancy.
Best In Festival Fashion

Here are five of new year Latest trends biggest, baddest fashion essentials.

Aztec Tees

It’s starting to feel like Aztec prints have been in fashion since the dawn of time. They were everywhere last year and they’re everywhere this year. Fortunately, they’re cool as hell. Brightly coloured, geometric tees are wildly popular this festival season. Most are now being made as festival-wear so they’re very light and very airy. It doesn’t matter if they get dirty or uncomfortable – Aztec tees are so light you can just whip yours off and stuff it in the pocket of your pants if necessary. Bands like Klaxons and Foals are big fans of the Aztec print, says Howl journalist Ruairidh Pritchard.

Best Buy: Eleven Paris, All Over Aztec Tee £49.99

Jean Shorts

Just because it’s too hot for you to roll out of your tent in a pair of Levi’s, doesn’t mean you can’t still rock the denim. Jeans are a classic look – they never go out of style, so invest in a pair of jean shorts. If you choose a well fitting pair you’ll be super comfortable all day and you’ll stay cool when you’re out in the sun. If you’ve got the cojones for it go for some short shorts but if not, stick with knee length pairs. The best have lots of pockets and are made of good quality, breathable material.

Best Buy: River Island, Acid Wash Shorts £32.00


Hopefully, all of that desperate pleading for sun will pay off but if it doesn’t, you’re going to need to be prepared. Everybody knows that festival weather is ridiculously unpredictable – one minute it’s chucking it down and the next it’s too hot to move. It’s important to pack for all circumstances. Waterproofs haven’t always had the hippest reputation but that is changing. These days waterproof jackets are lightweight, colourful and they don’t look like the plastic raincoat your nan wears to the shops.

Best Buy: American Apparel, Taffeta Emergency Jacket £35.00


If the weather does turn out to be pleasant, you’re probably going to need a couple of lightweight vests. The cotton vest is an essential and timeless festival staple. Invest in two or three good quality vests that you can easily interchange throughout the weekend. Vests are good for avoiding sweat patches and those weird ‘half tan’ lines that form when you wear a T-shirt in hot weather. They’re on Look magazine’s list of must have festival essentials.

Best Buy: Topman Multi Comic Wave Vest £18.00


Trainers get a bit smelly at festivals and sandals in a crowd are bound to lead to nasty accidents, so invest in a good pair of espadrilles. They’re perfect for dry weather. If it rains swap them for wellies, but otherwise let your feet breath.

Best Buy: Tassinari, Castener Espradilles £80.00

Author Bio: Lindsey Hilsun is a fashion editor and journalist. She recommends Blue Inc for high quality, affordable men’s jeans and festival-wear.

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