Why facebook #1 reason for divorce,depression

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Facts to know when you use facebook


Every kids today’s best friend is facebook without doubt. Its strange but facebook founderMark Zuckerberg may be shock but he is most popular in every household now.

No one can deny fact that human race loves inventions in various forms like gadgets,apps and many more.

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So no one like to miss or explore fun of  gadgets,apps and many more even after busy schedule of work.
Every one today’s wants to join the world of facebook were everyone is invited. There are so many People joining on daily basis to start there journey in  facebook world.


The figures speaks truth that  facebook will be the next online home for people to find good Friends,relatives who are far away from them.

 facebook pals reason for divorce

There are many instances were many old friends meet or strangers becomes friends for life withfacebook search functionality.
Still facebook has lot of application which are hot favorite for world audience to enjoy time by chat,games do business by pages application or market product ,etc .Not only kids ,even though parents don’t want to miss excitement called as facebook.

It is found that people are so addicted or engaged in facebook activity that they feel life is on facebook only and thats reason why parents don’t have time to talk with real people, kids, parents.
Its serious flaw of  Facebook were people arent realizing dangers of chatting day and night ,because Facebook servers are always on ON mode .

Still many parents are complaining why there kids are getting low grades even after paying huge feesto make there kids futures.


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Today’s kids,teens will agree with me that there obvious reason is they cant focus in there study due-to lot of distractions.Reasons whats today’s experts points out is  Today’s world is online 24 by 7 which  is causing problems to kids,parents slowly and steadily.


There has been rise in cases of stress among Today’s kids,teens mostly due to  Facebook addictions.So today time has come to think and prefer real people or online  people or else Facebook depression

Facebook depression

will be  next name of  dreaded diseases.


Lets choose what we want Facebook depression with never ending treatment or peaceful life.We at share-ask.com alert you and  Facebook makers to come out solution ,so that Facebook never turns in depression for its user





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