Top tips,Holiday ideas while travelling during the Holiday season

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The Holiday season may get you and your children excited about the festivities; however, the travel factor can easily dampen the spirits. This is mainly because of the peak season rush and increased security measures at the airport. While the prospect of travelling may seem interesting, there is every chance that it may eventually stress you out. It does not matter whether you are flying to your destination or heading on a road trip; it is always a good idea to gear up for the worst case scenario. Besides, delays and other such roadblocks can play spoilsport with your jolly holiday mood. Besides having expat travel insurance in Dubai, you must also follow these guidelines or Holiday ideas to ensure that you experience maximum enjoyment with minimum distractions.Holiday ideas

  1. Plan as early as you possibly can:

The key factor to getting a good rate, especially when travelling by air, is to book your tickets way earlier than the anticipated date. During off-season times the rates  can be unbelievably lower. Besides, planning earlier helps you take better decisions as you have enough time on your hands to organise everything. On the other hand, last minute plans lead to increased stress levels as there is a constant rush to get things done quickly. In such a situation, you are bound to get disorganized, not to mention the fact that you may have to pay exorbitant amounts for the travel tickets.


  1. Keep a strict check on roadblocks:

While you may be all ready to hit the road for your road trip, there could be some issue that may lead to highway closures. Besides, weather conditions may lead to delaying or cancellation of the flights. While expat travel insurance in Dubai ensures that you do not suffer financial losses, such barriers can dampen the mood of your family and can lead to chaotic situations. This will call for last minute alterations of the plan, which can create immensely stressful circumstances. Therefore, it is a good thing to always keep a track of the changing trends in the weather condition or other factors that can wreak havoc with your plan. Besides, it is also a good idea to have various travel apps downloaded on your phone so that you can always keep tabs when on the go.


  1. Beware of illnesses:

One of the most common issues you may face on your Holiday travel is your children falling ill during the journey. The best way to counter this is by ensuring that you drink plenty of water. This helps to prevent dehydration. Besides, it is also a good idea to eat healthy snacks instead of greasy junk while travelling to avoid unexpected occurrence of infections. You must also make sure that your children wash their hands at regular intervals, especially when they come in contact with seat backs, handles, doors, railings and other such places that may be the breeding grounds of germs.


  1. Making a checklist while packing bags:

With the stress surrounding your Holiday travel plans and the ardent need to be precise with every detail, you may go horribly wrong while packing your bags. The stress may cause you to skip some important items that should have found their way into the bag. Therefore, it is important that you first create a list and include every single item that you feel must be included in your bags. This will make it relatively easier to pack your holiday bags and will also ensure that you include every single important item into it without making any error.

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Shelly Belisarius is a travel agent promoting the need for expat travel insurance in Dubai. She has a degree in Travel and Tourism and loves to travel. Her sole desire is to visit Paris during Christmas and gorge on French desserts at a Parisian Patisserie.


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