How To Generate Organic Social Media Buzz on Quality Content

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Viral Content buzz is a social media sharing platform which is founded by Ann of MyBlogGuest and SEO web-master Gerald. This brilliant platform focuses its thoughts on generating a real social media buzz around quality content. The viral content buzz platform is very simple to use and once you have get started you will discover its powers. Since all social media accounts attached to this platform are real which can make all your articles go viral on major social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Pinterest.

Here you have to add projects or blog posts for sharing n VCB system. major advantage what I found from this system is you can add any of your blog posts , articles from e-zine engine , pages from hub pages and any useful info which is helpful to your loyal readers .The concept behind  viral content buzz is amazing and brilliant, here you have to share other people’s posts on your attached social media accounts, earn (collect) credits , add your own projects or posts you want to share it into VCB system and others will share your content and they in return earn credits for sharing on their social media platforms. Its amazing right?

Organic Social Media Buzz

Additional Features at VCB – Free And Pro Users subscription

Free Version – Viral Content buzz features is free service on signup and once you have registered you can go to settings and attach your social media accounts and start sharing posts of other users and earn credits in return, with these credits earned you can add your projects for other to share.

Pro Users Subscriptions – I have tried Pro users at VCB and its amazing and you can try it once to see what’s benefits you can rip through by subscribing to Pro version .Pro users get extra benefits of better social stream analytic and access to private forums and you will be added additional credits every month into your account as top-up.

Major Advantages Of using Viral content Buzz

a. All your blog posts or pages are likely to gets real insights
b. More organic sharing of your posts
c . Organic sharing is also loved by Google

d. The system is less vulnerable to bots

e. Major social media accounts attached to Viral content Buzz system are Twitter (you can add up to 5 accounts), one StumbleUpon account , one Facebook account , one Pinterest account  for pinning and one  Google plus account for sharing.
f. Better view of all your submitted articles or blog posts in main dashboard
g. Only high quality content make way into VCB.
h. All articles submitted are manually moderated

How do credits work at VCB ?

1. Your social media follower counts determine how much credits you will be earning as you share other user contents displayed on main dashboard.

2. You need start sharing other posts and as you go on sharing you will be building up your credits in your bank.

3. With your credits in bank you can add your own projects into VCB system and allocate some points to this project.

4. About 5 credits get deducted for a tweet from someone with 100,000 followers, and for a share with someone with 500 followers only costs you only 1 credit.
5. if you find that your content being shared by many users and your credits are consumed you can add more credits to keep your article being shared or you can your project on hold or delete it.

Credits get deducted as follows from your bank

Twitter Social Media Steam
100-999 = 1
1000-4999 = 2
5000-9999 = 3
10000-49999 = 4
50000+ = 5

250-499 = 2
500-999 = 3
1000-2499 = 4
2500+ = 5

Participate in Viral Content Buzz Contest

If you want to get some real cash in this year why not try and take part in VCB 1000$ grand contest and the VCB user whose any single post which is shared by most users wins $1000 , this contest is going to end on march 1st.

Call to Action

Please go check out VCB for yourself and I am sure you will be amazed by this system. Register yourself and start adding your articles / hub pages and track your articles going viral.

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Navneet is involved in web development and does consulting in social media , SEO and Blog management. He is editor and webmaster for Javamazon . Follow him on Google + and Twitter.

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