Laser hair removal more accessible today

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For some of us, women and men alike, hair in some parts of our bodies can be irritating. Shaving and waxing, though done regularly provide a temporary solution. Laser hair removal is a technique that provides a permanent solution when done correctly and for the recommended time.


The No! No! Pro portable hair removal device

Laser hair removal is a beauty treatment that had , for a long time, been left to the professionals and labelled as an in-salon treatment. However, the current technological advancements have introduced new, smart and savvy at-home laser hair removal tools. These are easy to use at home and have as good results as when it is done for you by a professional. They have made the much coveted laser hair removal treatment more affordable, accessible and effective.

How does the laser hair removal equipment work? 
Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by exposure to laser light pulses that destroy the hair follicle. The equipment is light based and uses specific light wavelengths and/ radio frequency. The intense beam of light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and travels to the hair root, killing its cells.
The efficiency and quality of the new machines is much higher, with their speed and accuracy increased. They have been tested and found to be safer for treatment as they are better at cooling the skin.
Patients have around 6-10 sessions for good results. This time differs among people due to their different skin tones, hair color and texture , how their bodies respond, among other factors.
The new technology hair laser removal tools are not entirely painless, they have a stinging sensation, that is bearable. Before purchasing a laser hair removal equipment or having a laser treatment done, it is important to understand some things. These include: the different types of lasers available and which laser works best for you.
The old technology worked perfectly only on people with pale skin and dark hair. The contrast between the hair and it’s background made it easy for the laser light beams to get absorbed by the hair pigment. Today, hair removal for all skin types, through the laser treatment, is possible using the new technology.

However, different skin types response better to different devices, custom made for them.

Darker skin –Asians, Blacks, Indian
One of the tools recommended is the Wd:Yag laser. It has a long light wavelength, hence the light beams can penetrate easy. It is also less aggressive in the skin.
Light-medium skin types 
These ones can use most of the laser hair removal devices, provided there is clear contrast between the skin and hair colours.
Some of the home hair removal devices in the market today are:
Illuminage touch permanent hair reduction device
It is suitable for all skin tones. It uses technology that combines intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency. This allows the user to painlessly have a smooth hairless skin.

No! No! Pro 

This is a portable system that uses thermicon technology (gentle heat). It removes hair without pulling, plucking or tearing hairs.

Philips Lumea prestige IPL hair removal device for body and face 
It uses an innovative light based technology to break the cycle of hair regrowth. Gentle pulses of the light are passed to the root hair and after several treatments, the hair stops growing back.

These devices have features that ensure that the user does not use them in a manner that causes harm to their bodies. For instance, they have skin sensors that assess the skin pigment. If the skin is too dark for the device, then it does not unlock for use. Others do not fire unless pressed against a hard surface. This prevents the user from causing optical damage by looking at the laser.

Laser hair removal has been made easier and more cost friendly. Consult a specialist before purchasing a laser hair removal device as they will advice you on which will work best for you.