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Your banners work as your “call to action”, and they will not work in your favor if you don’t make them look attractive. You need to design them in a way that they grab your visitor’s attention every time they visit your website. It is true that you have to write an interesting tagline to make people click your banner, but it is useless to create impressive marketing text if your visitors simply cannot notice your banner.

Here are a few impressive ways to help you highlight your “call to action”.

Don’t Make Your Banner Too Big

Create Impressive Banners

This is a common mistake, as people think they are making sometime noticeable by increasing its size. This is not how things work in the online world of business, as big is not always the most attention grabbing stuff here. Your banner needs to be so impressive that people would not only see it, but they would also read your message. Don’t make it look too big and ugly, as it’s only going to take people longer to scroll it down to find any information that they need.

Make Use of Contrasting Colors

A great strategy is to use contrasting colors to make your point clear. With the help of these contrasting colors, you can draw people’s attention. But make sure to change the color of the text within the banner to make it easy to read. You will make people happy when they notice you have done something to make things easier for them.

Avoid Using Hard-to-Read Text Colors

It may look colorful, but it may not serve the purpose. You need not go overboard with the idea of making your banner look colorful. Even if you want to mix a few colors together, you need to ensure that you are going for the right combination. For instance, if the text color is white, you need to ensure that it is on a dark or bold colored background, or else no one will bother doing the hard work to read what you’re try to tell. Along with finding the right color combination, you need to opt for a fairly thick font to ensure it’s easy for your visitors to read your text.

Try an Upside Down Pyramid

You can use this useful trick if you have so much of content moving downwards to little content. In this situation, the last line of your content will be your call to action, and by making it less cramped, you’re making your visitors read it even if they are in a “skim read” mode.

Avoid Using Design before the Message

Pay attention to the design of your banner, but don’t make it so overpowering that people would miss your message altogether. You should not pick a tag line to suit your design, but you need to have a design that would explain your text in full.

Learn to Lead the Eye

You need to design your banner in a way that it would lead the eye. Most marketing experts make use of this strategy to make their banner text more engaging. Here, you will have to use such design elements that would make your readers/visitors focus on a particular point. Many people think it’s quite easy, as they can highlight a point on their banner simply by leaving a blank space, but that’s not how it works.

Help Your Banner Stand Out

A common mistake is to create a banner that harmonizes perfectly well with the rest of the elements on your page. You need to design your banner in a way that it stands out, and for this, you need to make use of different font styles, color combinations, and anything that would separate your banner from looking like a page element.

Use 3D Effects

Of course, you should not go overboard with the idea of using 3D effects, but 3D page element and writing effects still work to highlight your banner. Learn to use them sensibly.

Use Call-to-Action Ideas before Displaying Your Banner

It often proves quite useful, but you need to be careful when using this strategy. It involves giving a hint of what you want your readers to do. In other words, you have to give your call-to-action within the text of the page. Not only will this convey your message effectively, this will also prepare the reader to click the banner after reading the content of the page.

Use an Image

By making the right use of an image, it will also become easier to highlight your banner and call-to-action. Sometimes, this sounds like a cheap trick, so be sure to use it sparingly.

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