Learning a New Language – Ideas and Methods to Help You Succeed

Learning a new language is fun, interesting and attractive. In fact in today’s competitive age, knowing more than one language is highly beneficial. Several multinational companies are opening up branches across the globe and if you know the native tongue of the company’s original location then your chances of cracking the interview increases manifold. Say for example if you know German and you are planning to give interview in a company that is basically German, then your chances of getting selected increases manifold. But what if you don’t know the foreign language? As per statistics there are many individuals who give up on learning a new language because they think that mugging up the language will see them through. But this does not happen. You need to follow certain ideas and methods that will help you master the new language. It is not that difficult to learn a new language. You just need to know what to look for so that you can pick up the language quickly.

Learning a New Language

Over the years, through my different experiences I have learnt that learning a new language is as difficult as we make it to be. I know that it is sounding clichéd but that’s the fact. If you still feel and think that learning a new language is difficult then let me help you out. There are certain ideas that you can implement in order to make your learning experience easy.

  • Pick out the ever common words: if you observe carefully, you will notice that every language has a set of words that are used the maximum number of times in a conversation. Start with those words. Make a list of those words and start making sentences with those words in your mind. Now go on repeating those sentences till you master them. It is quite natural that you will not be able to make corrects sentences in your mind. The sentences will be filled with grammatical errors but over the time you will get confident and will be able to make correct sentences. There are different apps as well that will help you make the list of the most commonly used words. You can download Anki app for your computer as well as smart phones as well. These applications are quite helpful.


  • Look out for the cognates (your secret friend in every language): if you are unaware of the word cognate then let me help you out. Cognate means words with similar meaning. There are certain words that we use in English but they have their actual origin in another language. Say for example pantaloon, chemises are French words but they are frequently used in English. In the same way there are many Spanish, German and Latin words that are used in the English language. So if you notice carefully, you already have a head start in the new language that you are planning to learn.


  • Learn a new language without travelling: many of us tend cite a very common excuse, a few days after starting to learn a new language. “We are hardly travelling to the place r9ight now, so no point of learning it immediately. We can learn it later on as well. “ Well let me tell you, there are many individuals who are staying in France or Germany for many years (due to work related issues) but they can hardly speak the native language. So give up on this excuse and be prepared to learn the new language from the comforts of your home only. There are many online videos that you can play out on YouTube and listen to what is being spoken there. Try to grasp the pronunciation, the use of words sentence constructions. You can always check out the local news of that country on the YouTube to stay upbreast of what is happening there and grasp what is being said in the native tongue.


  • Skype with those who are staying there: if you have to learn a new language because you are relocating to a new country because of your work project then make it a point to exchange your Skype id with one of the local employees out there. Tell him that you want to master the native tongue. More than often they are willing to help out. Converse with them in the native tongue. You will be amazed at the way you will pick up the language.


  • Dictionary to your rescue: if there is no one out there whom you know and you are travelling abroad to complete your graduation, then the above idea will be of no use to you. In such a situation make use of the dictionary. There are many English to French, English to German, English to Spanish and so on dictionaries available in the market. In fact many smart phones are loaded with the dictionary app. Download and install it. Now start using the dictionary to construct sentences, find out meanings and so on.

All the ideas and methods mentioned are cost effective and can be easily followed to learn the language. What ultimately matters is your desire and will to learn the new language. Rest everything else will fall in place.

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