Love vs Money debate? Which one would you choose?

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6 Responses

  1. Lois Johnson says:

    I make no apologies for placing a high priority on money in marriage and in life in general. The lack of money can ruin any relationship. I've learned from personal experience that money does not replace love, chemistry, passion, compatibility, admiration, respect and trust for me. Love, chemistry, passion, compatibility, admiration, respect and trust can all easily fade with starvation and homelessness due to poverty. There needs to be a healthy balance between love and cash flow with little lack of either for the best potential for long term happiness.

  2. Happey67 says:

    I saw something on Youtube where a woman gave up her car, and job to be with a man. That works for her, I don't know in the long run. Why couldn't she wait until things get better with this man. She probably gave up these things to help the man with his dreams but about her dream?

  3. Happey67 says:

    Love and Money. Wow. I think this discussion hit on some great points. All I can say is marriage is work. You will work to sustain love and to sustain money. Most will need guidance and training for both. And some will start this without any experience at all in either. In the end, it doesn't matter for which reason you marry, just that you work to sustain both.

  4. springmornings says:

    there is no way in HEAVEN or HELL i will let a man, come to my fathers house to ask for my hand in marriage if i don't LOVE him. we will eat rocks if we have to.marriage is too long a journey for me to ENDURE because of money.if you live within your means and plan and build your future together,poverty will never knock on your door. i will rather wake up all loved-up next to my LOVE on a cold hard floor, than to wake up miserable in a mansion next to some guy with money.FORGET the world and the ''joneses'' and the status quo. just the two of us will build that financial success. i will definitely consider it a blessing to find love and money at once . but i will equally consider it a blessing to find LOVE FIRST.

  5. Lulu says:

    +springmornings You are so on Point. You took the words outta my mouth. Love is everything for me. I was fortunate enough to grow up in family with everything and anything I wanted and more. But, it was never always that way. My parents started from nothing. Non of them has anything, they created the wealth together. The love between them, being African and all, was off the hook. We knew they were in love, and from their love, I leant to love and how to be loved. I will Marry ONLY for Love. Money can always be acquired later. I have my own money right now, but that doesn't mean I am only for a guy that has as much or More. Lets just say guys, there is actually a large percentage of women who actually don't care much about money. What about marrying someone with potential? Anyone?

  6. Marry says:

    Now a days its the opposite women who make less money or having reached point where they are professionals in a particular field whether it be they are working towards it or not find it more challenging to meet someone let alone get married. I see happen all the time it is happening to me as we speak, but i also say this if you do not want to with me thru my struggles than you can't celebrate with me when it time to

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