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Almost every genre of movie has a place for a garage inside. These movies take a familiar element of the home and place it into our favorite films, bringing a different feeling every time. The reasoning and the effect it has on us may be different, but that doesn’t make it any less important. The next time you watch one of these films, pay attention to the scenes that take place in the garage, and how they are significant to the film.

Based on true events

Some of the most drastic and in some cases unbelievable events described in movies have been based on real life events. These movies shape our perspective, bringing new light to various events that have happened that have either changed history, or at least made enough of a dent to base a movie off of. Some of these movies are triumphant feats of the human mind, while others are tragic tales of warning.


The movie Jobs is based on the events surrounding Steve Job, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne starting up Apple Computer, which would eventually become the powerful empire of Apple Inc. In the film, Ashton Kutcher plays the main role of Steve Jobs, trying to accurately show how the company was started with its trials, mistakes, and victories through the whole thing.


When looking into this history of Apple, one of the most important things to consider is how organic its roots really were. It may not seem like it from this side of the history, but Apple had very humble beginnings, starting out in the garage of one of the co-founders. The movie works to capture how the process was done through these beginnings. Trying to keep the movie authentic, the producers went one step further.


Rather than just basing the film in the garage, the beginning of shooting was actually done in the garage where Apple was first produced. This is significant in bringing to life exactly what it was like in that garage, and how the production of ideas went along. Much of the beginning filming took place inside the house and the garage where Jobs and Woz developed their first ideas. This will add an authentic element to the film that otherwise may not have been there.



Horror movies take spooky elements and incorporate them into things we have become familiar with, making the ordinary seem frightening. Although garages are often incorporated into horror films, it is more often the parking garage that plays the bigger role. Just one of these movies will have you looking over your shoulder on your way to your car in a deserted parking garage.


In the film P2, the action is set inside an underground parking garage. Angela is stuck working late on Christmas Eve, and thus ends up in the parking garage far later than anybody else. Once she reaches her car, it has trouble starting, the first indication in a horror movie that something is about to go terribly wrong.


Although a security guard named Thomas initially tries to help her fix her car, it is soon discovered that his intentions are far from good. He attacks ad drugs her, bringing her to her office. He then admits to having watched her many times on security footage, keeping an eye on her in all situations.


Through a series of events, Angela is chased through the dark parking garage, doing all she can to escape the crazed security guard. She is forced through levels, having a small knowledge compared to someone who has watched this garage for much longer.



The garage has its place in comedy. Going back to the parking garage, there is a whole episode of Seinfield dedicated to the group getting lost in a parking garage. For comedies, one of the things that make the situations worthwhile to watch is taking something that is relatable, and expanding on it, until it is blown far out of proportion.


In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the whole premise of the movie is taking something common, kids faking an illness to skip school, and making it extreme. The situations Ferris and Cameron encounter get more comical with every step. Although the whole movie doesn’t focus in the garage, one fairly significant scene does. For their day off, Ferris convinces Cameron, despite his arguments, to take his dad’s car.


In the garage, there can be seen at least two other vintage cars, yet Ferris chooses the Ferrari. As brief as this scene is in the movie, it leads to many more things throughout the course. Ferris and Cameron drive off together, eventually ruining the prized car.


Although not always obvious, garage scenes in movies have a special place, no matter the genre. There are different situations that have been made important through the movies, each time bringing about a specific feeling for the viewer. The next time you watch a film, pay special attention to how the familiar features are used, based on what genre you are watching.


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