Moving Heavy Items Out Of Your House

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Shifting house can actually be an easy task, if all the family members make a team among themselves and work simultaneously. But moving furniture or other heavy items from the house can be quite difficult and even tricky. Bruises, cuts, back pains or slipping down the stairs are some incidents that are a result of trying to move heavy items all by yourself.

Packing the big thing seem to be quite difficult as well as people often becomes stressed about the

packing of the heavy items as often it becomes tough to pack heavy items in the appropriate manner.Besides, while it comes to pack heavy items, people only think about the furniture, gadgets and often forget about the heavy yet breakable items. It is very important to pack the heavy yet breakable items with utmost consideration in order to send them properly in your new home.

Moving Heavy Items

It is a known fact that the cost of moving is quite expensive and often people in their disorganization and panic overlook the obvious and easy steps and making the process difficult. But the fact is that, if you abide by the basic rules of moving, then you can save several hundred dollars on the moving costs.

Hence there are simple ways by which moving heavy items from your house becomes very easy.

Dismantle Heavy Furniture Into Parts

These days beds come in dismantled parts which are fixed together to give it the shape of a bed. Hence while packing rather than lifting the entire bed, make sure that the bed is carried as parts which becomes quite easy to fix again. In case you are incapable of dismantling it correctly, call a furniture expert. In case of book shelves, take out all the drawers from it and carry separately. You will notice that the furniture is no more heavy to carry.

Buy Sliders To Move Sofas

From the local hardware shop, buy sliders in accordance to the size of your sofa. While shifting sofas put the sliders below the four corners of the sofa. This makes the surface much smoother to move the sofa and much faster as well. On the other hand the sliders prevent any kind of friction or scratches on the floor.

Prepare Yourself To Move Heavy Objects

While shifting heavy items from your house it is very important to keep one thing in mind; you have to prevent accidents that may lead to slight or grave injury. Hence wear the right shoes that have a good grip and are not slippery even on watery surface. If you have a history of shoulder injury or back pain then do not indulge at all in moving heavy items.

Use Dollies Or Two Wheeler’s

Never lift any such furniture or heavy items which you can roll. Those who are indeed not at all inclined to carry heavy objects by themselves, they can simply borrow dollies or two wheeler.You just need to set the furniture or any other heavy items on the dolly and take it to the truck for uploading. Movers and packers usually use this method as this saves both time and energy.

Move Heavy Items In The Last

Shifting heavy items usually require space and time to shift. Moreover you also need to check the lay of the land over which you need to shift that item. Hence when all the other things in the house is already cleared off, start shifting the heavy items. This actually offers a clear way for smooth movement and items are shifted to the truck much easily.

Some quick tips:

Always pack the heavy items individually in the boxes and never stuff several heavy items into a big box. Often people forget to pack the non-fragile, heavy items separately and stuff all the heavy items together to save the space. But this is not the way. It is wiser option to carry the heavy items separately in the small boxes as it is quite easy to carry the small boxes even when they are filled with any heavy item.

While packing the heavy items of your home or apartment, pack and load the items on the trucks according to their requirements. Pack all those items last that you would need first after reaching to your new address. Placing the important items last would help you to get them easily while you need.

As an example, you should pack the cleaning arrangements and the kids bedroom furniture’s at last. It is important that you set up your kids room first to make your kid feel more comfortable. In order to help the professional mover in identifying the things that are necessary, you must label them as “ load last” so that the professionals only load them on the truck after loading the rest of the heavy things of your home.

Hi I am Dorothy Sanders, a county lawyer by profession. When you find that moving boxes and household stuff is difficult to shift, hire movers for your furniture and other items as I did last year. This saves both money, time and energy.

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