Nursery Schools: The Rhymes of Success are Tuned Here

Gone are the days where parents believed that kids shouldn’t be burdened by the theoretical pressure of books when they have just begun to walk and talk. Suspicious parents believed that the concept of Nursery School is just wastage of money and ruins the childhood of their kids. Later on with the enlightenment of the changing environment and understanding of the reality , helped parents to place their confidence in Nursery schools and learn that , Nursery schools on the contrary develops the child’s capabilities , basic fundamentals, protocols and nourish its abilities.

Nursery schools are educational hubs for children between the age group of three to five years where the main preeminence is on training rather than competition. The first experiences of life, like staying apart from parents, interacting and communicating to the outer world , stay in a group and make new friends, respect the rights of each one are some of the footsteps being taught atNursery schools in Chennai. These schools also provide activities that aid in building confidence; increase their listening capacities, maintaining emotional quotient, physical growth and well being as well as socio-cultural growth.

Educational trips to fire stations, fish house and other outing to a sports ground helps the infants to explore and satisfy their curiosity.  Besides acknowledging the juvenile with the academically learnt nursery rhymes and stories, Nursery school in Chennai undertaken the initiative to make their little ones participative yet competitive by organizing singing and dancing competitions, make them play games like running race, lemon and spoon, best story teller and so on.

Festivals being an integral part of our culture , various festivals celebrated with learning values like the love for nation of republic days, the success of good over evil in Navratri, care for ones siblings in rakhsabandhan , team spirit and team support in Janmasthmi , etc by the teachers in Established Nursery Schools in Chennai.

Usually Nursery schools are scheduled in morning or afternoon and are operated on half day schedules. During Diwali vacations or summer vacations, Nursery school in Chennai offer various activity camps to engross children in  gainful and supplementary activities like drawing classes, dance class, phonetic classes to improve kids vocabulary and many more. An energetic and enthusiastic environment helps to grasp faster an easier by the fun-teaching techniques and plays.

The little angels are not only the one who are solely benefited from Nursery schools. Assistance to parents with an external support system for the betterment of their child is also where Nursery school in Chennai plays a significant role. The additional advantage to the parents is that they get an opportunity to interact with other parent and can discuss their own approaches of parenting and sharing their views on child nourishment. To judge ones own child’s growth and his level of improvement in terms of behavior, knowledge and implementation. The mentor being friendly and approachable at Nursery schools can be reached in case of any guidance or query.

Thus, Nurseries not only help a child to scrutinize various opportunities but also relieve them from the separation anxiety.





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