Orangery Or Conservatory

orangery or conservatory difference

Orangery over conservatory?


It’s a question that’s been around for as long as the two building types. There was a period in time when an orangery was for the upper class, a way of showing their wealth and stature – having an orangery meant that you were a person of status and importance, now they are much more common place, almost as common as conservatories. It isn’t surprising that some people feel a certain amount of confusion when it comes to choosing between a conservatory and an orangery, after all – aren’t they pretty much the same thing?

orangery or conservatory difference


While both might provide you with additional living space, extra natural light and both tend to be marketed towards the idea of creating a space that connects your home to your garden, they are not the same. So what is the difference? Well effectively an orangery is a solid structure with brick or wood that simply incorporates large windows, either full length or more commonly three-quarter length and this often does not include a glass roof, though there may be large skylights included in the roof, and generally the roof is flat. Of course this is not always the case as orangeries are often built based on your own specifications and as a result can vary hugely in design. A conservatory is generally considered to be an entirely glass structure, often only using small amounts of PVC to seal and support the structure.

So, how do you know which one is right for you? Do you build the orangery or the conservatory? A good part of this depends on what you want, conservatories are considered to be more temporary structures and are usually replaced or updated after 10-20 years, depending on the type and quality of the conservatory you construct, an orangery on the other hand is a permanent, sturdy structure with walls and foundations like any other room in your house, it will last for as long as the rest of your building does.

Orangeries are perfect if you want a new room to your house rather than a conservatory, if you have been considering a solid roof extension you might be worried about the amount of natural light in your home; building a solid roof dining room onto the back of your house will block some of the light to the other rooms at the back of your house. However an orangery can let in a lot more light and offer a much more open, bright space without having to sacrifice your idea of a solid roof, which is perfect for those who want a permanent, solid home extension without sacrificing their natural light.

Orangery Or Conservatory

If you’ve have a conservatory in the past and you want to try something a bit different for whatever reason then an orangery could be the perfect choice for you, in many ways it is much like a conservatory, it allows you to occupy a space that is full of natural light, you can feel more connected to the space outside and of course unlike a conservatory it becomes a physical part of your home, rather than a greenhouse on the back of it. This factor makes it a popular and fantastic option for those among us who fancy ourselves to be a little more creative or specific when it comes to interior design. The theme of your home can easily be incorporated in an orangery, but often a conservatory cannot be made to appear like all the other rooms in your house, it will always stand out for being a glass room and will always be limited as there is often a lack of wall space for things such as power sockets, hanging pictures and so on and so forth.

If you’re a little more sensitive to sunlight, or take your privacy a little more seriously you might even find that a conservatory is just too open and too bright, which is perfectly understandable; conservatories are entirely glass, you can’t have much privacy unless you close the blinds, and then you lose the view and the light; the whole purpose of the conservatory is lost in this action. With an orangery this is not so great a concern, not only is the room perfectly enjoyable without the outside view and bright light due to it being much like any other room in the house, but it is also less open and exposed, so you’re less likely to feel those privacy concerns in the first place.


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