Why Kids Like facebook than parents

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Kids Interview

What you love most ?
I love most all artificial things like Internet, Facebook, Video Game……..I cant really study or enjoy

LIFE when I’m forced to study……Parents will never understand how famous I’m in online world ………. I cant
compromise on my online status with school study. My parents, whole world will really

 understand my importance one day……… I hope mom,dad will not stop me or force me to do school

study now onwards ……..Ill prove my parents,world one day

 Kids Interview
what you hate most?
Its boring syllabus daily long hour of schools mom shouts 500 times day to study.
I feel im in jail where mom,dad are realty making my life hell.I cant eat Pizza,because of my obesity

 ….ohhhhh god who will tell them to stop forcing me…..It’s always they are right and im forced to do what thy ask ….I

hate my parents who force me to hate them again & again
what you choose between outdoor games & Indoor games

 I love  both outdoor games & Indoor games but in Indoor games there are no restrictions like purchasing real car ,because video games makes it possible to play a car game,etc which is most exciting experience than real car.



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