‘True Blood’ is ready to Premiere Its Sixth Season

The fifth season of Supernatural drama and horror small screen project ended up with lots of questions in mind. Makers of the show have announced the sixth season, which is going to be premiered very soon, which means that the thrillers at Bon Temps will be continued for one more year.
 True Blood
The season will give chance to viewers that what exactly the show can deliver to the viewers.  
On 16 June, 2015, the very first episode of the sixth season will be premiered with the name ‘Don’t Let Me be Misunderstand’.  According to season creator, Alan Ball, there are lots of twits are turns are waiting to entertain the fans.
The finale episode of the fifth season leaves the fans with the question that Sookie and her friends have to deal with which kind of monster in the upcoming season. According to the creator of sixth season Ball, Bill will be a very important character of the sixth season. As, we all know that Bill has become the evil vampire God, it is natural that his character will be the focus character in the show.
The finale episode of the fifth season was watched by 5.05 million American viewers, which was telecasted on 26 August, 2012. In that episode, Eric was seen arriving just on time and rescuing faeries. Bill could be seen drinking Lilith’s blood in front of Eric and Sookie, just to become even more powerful vampire. Eric and Sookie ran from there.
Sources are indicating that Eric will return to the image of bad boy. Well, it will be interesting to see that what twists will engage the viewers with the story. Another question is that who is going to die in the season?
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