Smart Home Decor Tricks for Transforming Your Home

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Smart Home Decor Tricks for Your Home

If you have just shifted to your new home and wondering how to transform the place into your dream home, you would be glad to know that there are several well-known and tried and tested interior design tricks that professional interior designers employ all the time that even you could easily adopt with minimal cost and effort. You must have observed that on many occasions, even the smallest things or changes make a profound impact. This could simply be achieved by adding a mirror, a lamp, a painting or even a lush green plant. Maybe you could go about softening your walls, brightening a room or adding some extra warmth to the living room. Here are some of the cleverly thought-out design tricks that should definitely inspire you.

The Magic of Decorative Mirrors

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You could add instant light by using a decorative mirror in your living room. Mirrors could be used cleverly for making small spaces appear much larger. In the case of larger rooms or some other rooms that have restricted natural light, you must consider placing mirrors directly across right from the windows for adding instant light. Moreover, decorative mirrors could be incorporated into your living room décor, instead, of a piece of art for filling up an empty wall space. Whether small or large, when mirrors are used effectively, they can add light and a whole new dimension to the living room.

The Incredible Wonders of Painting

Learn some painting tricks to make the most of your home. Always consider painting smaller rooms in lighter and softer colors to infuse an element of space to the room making it look much larger. A living room could be made to look larger and spacious by having large windows, soft or light-colored walls and clever use of mirrors that ends up giving an optical illusion and a sense of space. Conversely, if you use darker hues, the room would look cramped and much smaller. Even with strategically-placed mirrors or abundant flow of natural light, if your living room is in dark colors, it would have an overall boxed-in appearance. While decorating residential properties, interior decorators concentrate on doing the perfect paint job.

Mixing Up Is the Mantra

Mixing up is not only fun but really effective. You could go about mixing textures and patterns, mixing up the inexpensive and the expensive, and mixing up the new with the old. It could be a super hit idea to place a modern couch alongside your rich family heirlooms. According to all experienced and renowned interior & home decor consultants, your house should project an ambiance that is an expression of your personality, taste, and lifestyle. With fabrics as in upholsteries, pillows, furniture, or rugs, you could consider using varied patterns and colors that could instill elements of texture and warmth into your living room décor.

Go Green for Definite Success

Adding lush green plants to any space especially, your living room could work wonders. Plants undoubtedly are an expensive way of accessorizing your space. Additionally, plants are known to add texture and color to your home décor. Plants not only look awesome, they are great for purifying air inside the house and for balancing humidity. Plants are great for absorbing pollutants and eliminating harmful gases comprising the air. No homes should go without these green masterpieces.

Do Up Your Bookcases Using Wallpaper or Paint

The moment you do up your dull and boring bookcases with a fresh coat of paint or vibrant wallpaper, the instant splash of colors would certainly re-energize and brighten any room. It is unbelievable how a simple color infusion could completely transform your home décor and overall ambiance.

Area Rugs Act as Great Saviors

Area rugs are often thrown in for instilling a softening effect on hardwood floors. Area rugs help in giving warmth and adding color, texture, personality and character to your living room. Hardwood floors definitely look amazing and are easy maintenance. However, they do not offer the feel and comfort of carpeted floors, particularly in the winter months. Area rugs could be used for adding functionality, as well as, fun to your living room. Opt for diverse fabric and patterns. You could replace area rugs according to the seasons. Use warmer hues for winter months and lighter shades for summer months.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is a real estate agent and blogger based in Mumbai. He has taken an active interest in up coming residential projects in Prabhadevi, Mumbai and also covers some of them on his blog.



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