Lloyd 1.5 Ton FLS18AAH Split Air Conditioners Reviews |Price | Specifications in India

split air conditioner


Summary of lloyd air conditioners:

Air conditioner or AC is of immense importance in a country like India. India is primarily a tropical country where people experience humid climate. There are good and bad sides to it. The Indian climate mainly remains hot and moist throughout the year. That is the reason why people sweat a lot. This is where the need for AC is strongly felt. When it comes to air conditioner, Lloyd is one of the leading companies of all times. It has launched air conditioners of the finest quality in recent years. Lloyd 1.5 Ton FLS18AAH Split Air Conditioner is latest on the list of hi-fi ACs.Lloyd 1.5 ton split ac  price in India is more or less moderate. Lets us have a look at the basic features,Reviews |Price | Specifications of the air conditioner:

Split Air Conditioner

The look:

The Lloyd FLS18AAH Air Conditioner is of a Split model type. It has a total capacity of 1.5 tons. The AC comes in whitish silver color with a simple yet elegant appearance. It will add value to the aesthetic part of your house. It is also convenient enough to fit in any room.

Features integrated:

It has a turbo cooling facility. Sleep mode is another feature of the AC. Self diagnosis and Auto protect mode are essential qualities of the device. It has a unique memory, recalling function. It also supports a heating mode. Apart from the on/off timer, it also has Auto restart button. Intelligent dehumidification is another part of the machine. LED display screen adds style to the air conditioner.

It has a cooling capacity of 5100 W whereas cooling power required is 1925 W. EER or energy efficiency is around 2.65 W/W. Its heating ability is around 5610 W for which it needs a power input of 1850 W. It removes moisture at the rate of 1.5 liters per hour. It has the facility of indoor air flow. Its indoor noise level is around37 dB whereas its outdoor noise level is about 52 dB. It is supported by a compressor of the rotary type. Its indoor net weight is around 13/15 kg and on the other hand its outdoor net weight is about 38/42 kg.


It super turbo cooling feature gives the air conditioner to cool the surroundings effectively within a short span of time. Sleep mode exists to let the user have a peaceful sound sleep as he does not have to adjust the temperature at the dead of the night. The AC will automatically tune in to maintain conducive temperature plus it also saves power and automatically switches to a low power mode at night. If you meet with a technical error any time, worry not for Lloyd FLS18AAH Air Conditioner will solve the issue within minutes! With its self diagnosis and auto protect option, the AC efficiently detects and corrects any technical fault if there is any. The memory backup facility comes handy during power failure. It takes into account the previously set temperature reading and the machine resumes functioning at such a temperature right after the power is back. Apart from the cooling feature, the AC also has a heating mode. Therefore, it can act as a centrally heating mechanism. It is needless to mention that the on/off timer automatically adjusts switching on and off the machine as per the pre-set timings. The Auto restart button again resumes the machine at your desired times. Sharp dehumidification is an important facility which controls moisture levels in the atmosphere and maintains pleasant surroundings. The LED operation eases the process of handling the AC.


The online price of the lloyd split ac 1.5 ton price is Rs. 27171 with free delivery. It comes with a warranty period of 1+4 years (1 year on the machine and 4 years on the compressor). In terms of Lloyd split ac 1.5 ton price AC price in India, FLS18AAH Split Air Conditioner is a good bargain.

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