Stamp Collecting – It’s Not Just Any Hobby

Stamp Collection Is Worth Doing

Well, certainly it may not sound interesting to everyone to collect that dull and boring piece of paper – stamps. But it is an intriguing scheme that can turn up as a passion or a hobby of one. If you are not aware, stamp collection has been considered as the greatest hobby in the world. Wondering what facts and factors have put stamp collecting on the no.1 position in the checklist of all hobbies.

Stamp Collecting

Folks, collecting stamp isn’t merely a hobby, but it’s a passion for many enthusiasts who feel proud to have a piece of history, a piece of art and a piece of great investment. Have you ever visited a museum where you watch an old stamp collection and felt to start off with this hobby? Or Have you find any stamp on a postal mail so interesting that you felt to possess it for a lifetime?

If any such thoughts have ever hit your mind, you are most welcome to the world of stamp collecting. There are many interesting things about this hobby such as it is seen all over the world, individuals from any and every background can engage in this hobby, and a person of any age can start off with this. And most importantly, it is an inexpensive hobby.

Stamp collecting is an ancient hobby, but it boasts of same popularity in this 21st century as well. And you can make some great amount by pursuing this hobby.

But why stamps?

There are a myriad of reasons why collecting stamps is a better hobby than others like collecting vintage cars and aeroplane models. First is it needs very little space for storage. Secondly, you need almost no or less investment to get started with the hobby. Thirdly, this hobby is easier and safer than collecting butterflies or bugs.

In order to get started, you just need to buy a good stamp collection book and a pair of stamp holding tweezers, which will store them properly. You can also start collecting stamps by removing them off from the old mails. Make sure you don’t damage them while detaching them from the envelopes.

You can either use a stamp collection book or hinges to store all your stamps. This hobby has virtually no boundaries, as there are countless stamps across the world. So, you won’t get bored of it very soon. If you have duplicate stamps, you need not to throw away them, instead you can exchange it for other stamps of your choice. The stamps can be of cars, popular public figures, planes, historical events, birds, animals, etc. The categories are many and perhaps this is what can make you an avid philatelist, the technical term of a stamp collector.

Where can I buy stamps?

Besides finding them on old mails, you can also buy stamps from stamp dealers and various associations. There are many licensed dealers across the UK. You can find one near your place and leverage their expertise to buy the right stamps for your hobby. If you want to make money by selling stamps, then also dealers can help you get the best prices of the time.

Author Bio: Tony Lester is an avid philatelist. He started with stamp collecting as his childhood hobby and later his hobby converted into his passion. He works with some of the top stamp dealers of England.


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