Stay Healthy: Importance of Health Education and Health Promotion

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Modern life generally do not support the promotion of health. Problems at work, in the family, the race for a better life and money are the main causes of stress, and stress is one of the biggest enemy of health. Most often we do not have time to prepare healthy food as well as for physical exercise.

However, it can be said that these are just excuses to not deal sufficiently with our health. Our own lives and the lives of our loved ones should be our top priority and staying healthy main goal in life.

Importance of Health Education

However, there are some simple tips for preserving of health that only should be followed on a daily basis.

Simple Tips for a Healthier Life


Small changes can make a great deal for your health! Here are some health advices that will pay off without too much effort:


·         Make a toast with a glass of water

It is said that water is the source of life. Start your day with a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Water helps us feel clean, healthy and fresh. To enhance the flavor, add a little lemon. In addition to improving taste, lemon cleanses the liver and is good for detoxification of our whole body. Also, the lemon is rich in vitamins, and so in combination with water will be real boon to body. Normally, it is recommended to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. So, make a toast with a glass of water!

·         Forget about artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners is difficult to avoid, but try to avoid them as much as you can. They increase the risk of heart problems, diabetes and other health problems. In addition, they are increasing the desire for sweets.

·         Eat fruits

One piece of fruit a day keeps the doctor away from your house. People who eat fruit every day are in a better shape and have better muscle mass. Their immune system is much stronger than in people who don’t eat enough fruits.

·         Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal. Also, people who regularly eat breakfast have a more positive attitude to work or school, and are more effective in these areas.

·         Eat plenty of fresh vegetables

This way you will enter the necessary vitamins and other nutrients that fast foods or snacks do not have. Also, the antioxidants from vegetables will slow down the aging process.

·         Stop smoking

About the harmful effects of smoking we already know everything.

·         Exercise daily

It is scientifically confirmed that there are so many benefits that exercise has on the body.

·         Get some sleep

Every day you need eight hours of sleep. During this time, your body has a chance to renew, refresh and prepare to face the new day.

·         Every day spend some time just for yourself

In your schedule you must include yourself. It can be a relaxing bath, meditation, walking in nature etc. Anything that will chase away stress and restore your optimism.

All of these measures for health care you can conduct yourselves, on a daily basis. You do not have to be an expert to understand how to treat yourself and your body. But sometimes it’s necessary professional, medical help to resolve some health problems or to prevent their occurrence.



Systematic Reviews are Essential

Systematic reviews are designed and enforced so that they try to detect the disease in its very beginning. This review includes a conversation with the patient and clinical examination of all organ systems.

Contrary to popular belief, many diseases in their infancy have no symptoms. High blood pressure does not cause headaches. Diabetes is not always associated with frequent urination. Irregular heartbeat may be very dangerous disorder, and should not be felt. Chronic bronchitis and mild asthma are not always accompanied by the typical cough and difficulty breathing. Prostate cancer doesn’t usually cause frequent urination. Other tumors can grow very large, such that they cannot be treated effectively, without causing major problems.


–          Systematic reviews are designed and performed so that it tends to detect disease at its inception. Laboratory tests are used to analyze the blood, liver and kidney function, iron levels, blood fats.

–          In some patients, the research of the tumor markers must be carried out (the possibility of a blood parameters of some of the tumors of: intestine, ovary, liver, prostate and the like).

–           Also, systematic review examines the work and function of the heart.

–          The abdominal organs are examined by ultrasound, and if there is an indication, gastroscopy and colonoscopy can be done.

–          The prostate is examined by ultrasound.

–          In women, breasts are reviewed by an ultrasound and mammography. Special attention is given to those women who had breast cancer in the immediate family (maternal).

People who have decided that health care become their profession are the people who have chosen to practice medicine. If you have decided to start to deal with this noble calling, or to improve your existing medical knowledge, there are online courses in healthcare and medicine that are very easy to attend from the comfort of your home. Do much more for your health and the health of others by attending medical assistant classes online. You’ll probably make a tremendous progress in your knowledge and your entire lifestyle.

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