Tarot Card Readings

For most people, tarot card readings create a vivid image of a psychic woman in a weird dress, chanting vigorously in a mysterious candle-lit room and predicting doom. In reality, tarot card reading is not so weird and ominous after all.
It is no doubt a mysterious art, but it gives tortured and distressed souls a reason to sort out their lives. It enables you to interact with your inner subconscious self. As a result, you can find answers to your questions from within your conscience. Here is a list of the different types of tarot card readings and explanation about how they work.
Tarot Card ReadingsTypes of Readings
Tarot card readings are classified into two broad categories, namely:
  • Question readings
  • Open readings
Each of them has a unique set of methodology, domain, and advantages. Your card reader will be able to guide you on which type of reading to opt for.
Question Readings
In question readings, the focus is on a particular question embedded in the mind of a person. Most of the tarot card readings do not answer in yes or no. Experts suggest that tarot card readings can merely act as guides for your actions, and not be the cause of your decisions in any way. You need to be very focused about your question.
You should not have any prior disposition towards the answer to your question. If you do so, you will be stopping the tarot cards from guiding you in the right direction.
You should have a well-defined question. You should not wander off from your main issue of concern. Also, you should try to frame your question in a positive way. For example, instead of asking why your career is not working out properly, you might ask what you should do to make our career work out in a great way. You should show focus, optimism, and trust to allow question tarot card readings to work out effectively.
Open Readings
Open Readings deal with the larger dimensions of your life and not just specific questions or problems. Open tarot card readings are beneficial when you want to have an overview of your likely future or your life as a whole. It can also be helpful when you are going to start a new phase of your life. These readings are not directed to a specific area, but you can still seperate it to some broad categories like career, love, health, and others.
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