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Industrialization has not only bolstered the economy but also brought with it a wide range of careers. India is home to varied industries which employ endless number of people. Right from the blue collared worker at the lower rung of the ladder to the management graduates who manage those, jobs in manufacturing sector are endless. Not only are the opportunities endless but they are high paying too. Steel is one such industry, which is always on the lookout for quality manpower. Since the product is constantly in demand, the careers in steel industry are rewarding and secure.

This more than a century old industry in our country was introduced by the TATA group in 1907. India is now the fourth largest producer of crude steel and has all guns trained at the leaders. The steel industry was the first sector to be freed from the licensing. Free reign over pricing and other factors definitely made the Indian steel competitive and also invited other players into the field. With economic modernization rampant in all parts of the world the demand for steel too has increased. The main demand comes from industries like engineering, construction, aviation and automobiles to name a few.

With an expected growth of more than 7% annually, steel industry is an attractive field to choose as a career. The growth chart has been good and so has been the job security, especially if one is working with big names. In companies like TATA Steel careers are well paying and secure. With liberalization, more Indian companies are ruling the international roost like the Mittal group which became the world’s number one steel company after tying up with French company Arcelor.

The new industrial policy of the government has really encouraged the Steel industry resulting in tie-ups, new players coming in the market and even foreign investments. Korean Steel giant POSCO is a classic example as they are investing big in country trough their plant coming up in Orissa. Besides these private companies, one cannot help but consider the biggest government player in the market, Steel Authority of India (SAIL).

So, from career point of view, the steel industry is definitely one to look up to. The careers in steel industry are mainly suited to students who have opted for a technical background. Engineering in Mechanical is the most sought after qualification. The higher graded the institute from one has completed his education, the better the prospects.

Non technical careers are also in the market which comprise mainly of positions in the marketing field. But major companies prefer engineering graduates for these positions too as it helps them understand the nuances of the product better.



Since the working is basically in plants at the site of the factory, the companies provide decent accommodation, entertainment facilities and hefty pay package. Although technical up gradations have resulted in jobs in the company offices too, which are located in metro cities?

In Companies like Arcelor Mittal, POSCO and TATA Steel careers are nurtured and taken care of. Ample growth opportunities are provided to the deserving candidates along with a competitive, learning and satisfying work atmosphere.

Besides the companies which manufacture steel from the iron ore, there are secondary steel producers too, who make steel by melting scrap or iron sponge. The big names in this field are Essar Group, Ispat industries and Lloyds steel. This section of the industry is also on a high and ample career opportunities are available.

With production expected to touch 200 million tons by 2020, which is a threefold jump from the current 70 million tons, the steel industry is growing at a constant speed. With infrastructure development gaining speed rapidly world over, the demand for steel is predicted to keep soaring and so will the careers in steel.

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