Must Read Ten ways to lose weight fast

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There are a lot of articles, programs, e-books and books that are sold in the market (be it online or not) for the people who wish to lose weight in such a short period of time! However, there are some of these that are practically effective but in the long run people will gain more weight with drastic results.
There is nothing better than to use such natural methods in losing weight. Because the most common problem is to not heed on tips that are given especially that to have a new habit is very difficult to actually include it into our system.
 How to Weight loss
How many of you have experienced the yo-yo diet in the after 6 method? It is one method of dieting that you do not eat after 6 PM. Of course, there are many of you who tried it and many more other methods and programs. However, it is not quite effective because of your weak mental and physical conviction. You like food so much!
And also, it is just because it takes you to do more than 300 repetitions to create a habit and it takes you more than 3000 repetitions to break a habit.
how to lose weight
It is very difficult indeed to stick into something that you are not used to and it is very hard to break away from something that you are already so used to.
I know that some of you are very lazy or just so busy to research some helpful articles regarding good foods.
And as assistance and a guide to your healthy diet to make it easier for you, here are some good foods that I have divided by the four seasons of the year to add into this article. I just know that they are quite helpful.
In the winter time, we do need a lot of energy to keep us warm.
So here, some of the winter good foods that I have researched  that can help you lose weight naturally are in the following list:
  1. Sweet rind of kumquats. This when turned into tart has very low calories of 14 even though you eat a handful.
  2. Oranges. Filled with fiber. It is truly healthy with only 45 calories.
  3. Persimmons. These promotes vitamins, minerals and are anti-oxidants as well that are important to the body.
  4. Mangoes. This kind of tropical fruit is very rich in fiber and Vitamin C.
  5. Grapefruits. These sub-tropical kind of citrus tree are better known as bitter fruit, which are a great provider of vitamins and minerals as well as fat-burning enzymes.
  6. Red cabbages. These are also called as purple cabbages. They are very good for coleslaw. The juice has anthocyanin and can even be used as a pH indicator in Chemistry.
  7. Celeriacs. They are known as ugly duckling amongst the root vegetables that have fewer calories.
  8. Carrots. When dipped in hummus, it is a very good snack that will not make you hungry. Sometimes, it can replace the meat in your meal.
  9. Sunchokes. These look like ginger in physical form. These are healthy of fiber and prebiotics that are good for the digestive system. They also safeguard your intestines to be healthy and they are also high in potassium, which is needed for the body muscles’ strength.
  10. Winter squashes. Rich in fiber but low number of calories. To boost in losing weight, you can eat its roasted seeds.
  11. Jicamas. They are called “singkamas” in Filipino language. They are crunchy, sweet-like potatoes that have plenty of Vitamin C.
  12. Black kales. They are rich in Vitamin A and other nutrients. They have only around 45 calories per cup
    . Effective Ways to Lose Weight
  13. Broccoli.
  14. Radishes. They are loaded with fiber even though they are of small sizes.
  15. Radicchios. They are rich in fiber and minerals that can reduce the storage of fats in the body.
  16. Fennels. They are a bit sweet and crunchy. They are refreshing substitutes of candies. They help in the metabolism of fats and sugars.
  17. Onions. They contain the mineral called chromium that helps cells to respond in insulin and will help to stabilize the glucose levels in the body.
  18. Spinaches. They double the offer of fiber compared to other green leafy vegetables. Moreover, they are low in calories and have anti-oxidants that boost your energy levels.
  19. Potatoes. When they are eaten with their peels, they have rich fiber. They have just 250 calories that can gradually aid in weight loss.
     Apples Help Losing Weight
  20. Leeks. They are rich in calcium and iron with low calories.
  21. Endives. They are packed with potassium, fiber, iron, calcium, Vitamins A and C. They are usually eaten in salad and soup.
  22. Escaroles. Rich in fiber with low calories that are good in combating fats.
  23. Arugulas. They are nutritional with only two (2) calories per serving.
  24. Parsnips. They are also called as “white carrots”. They can substitute potatoes. They even have higher soluble fibers in them that can stabilize sugar levels.
  25. Rutabagas. They are nutty, sweet and full of nutrients, fiber, manganese and potassium.
  26. Turnips. They can be made as side dish with only 45 calories. They taste best sautéed in olive oil and mixed with lemon juice.natural way to lose weight
  27. Frisees. They have the fewest of calories can pacify your hunger. It is usually mixed with toasted walnuts and oil.
  28. Collard greens. They are loaded as well of fiber and calcium with Vitamins A and C. They have less than 0 calories.
  29. Swiss chards. These have “more than a dozen of anti-oxidants and nutrients.” They can help lower the storage of fats in the body.
  30. Brussels sprouts. Ten (10) sprouts have only 45 calories like mini-cabbages that can assist in lowering the cholesterol and fighting against cancer.
  31. Broccoli rabes. Green veggies that have super rich fiber, calcium and Vitamin A.
 In the fall season, there are also good foods that can help you lose weight naturally. These are given in the following list:
  1. Apples. They help in chasing fat cells away from the body. Thus, you do not need a doctor as the phrase goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
  2. Butternut squash. Them as well as 
    butter cookies are very good as dessert. They have full nutrition.
  3. Sheep’s milk cheese. This calcium dairy product can help in losing weight. Its protein is double than that of the cow’s.
  4. Pumpkins. They are full of fiber, Vitamin A and potassium.
  5. Concord grapes. They are loaded of anti-oxidants. They are goodwith crackers or pretzels to have fewer calories.
  6. Cranberries. They are high anti-oxidants and low calories. They can help you trim that wide waistline.
  7. Sweet potatoes. They help stabilize the sugar levels in the body. And they contain only 120 calories.
  8. Tuscan Kales. They are rich in iron, fiber, folate and other. A cup only contains 35 calories.
  9. Beets. They are high in sugar, folate and fiber but low in calories. Just have a single serving as they contain eight (8) grams of sugar.
  10. Dates. They have iron and fiber, which are substitute to candies.
  11. Cauliflowers. They have potassium and only 40 calories per cup.
  12. Kabocha squashes. This kind of squash is known as Japanese pumpkin, which is very common in the Philippines. They have Vitamin A and fiber.Top food to lose weight naturally
  13. Kiwis. They have fiber and only 46 calories that can keep your stomach full for a long time.
  14. Pumpkin seeds. They only have five (5) grams of fat per ounce.
  15. Pears. They only contain of 00 calories. They are also good for dessert.
  16. Pine nuts. They have healthy unsaturated fatty acids. They are alsogood for your crunchy pasta.
  17. Pomegranates. They are like cranberries with a minimum of calories with Vitamin C in their seeds.
  18. Quinces. They are packed with fiber but they are so sour to eat raw.
  19. Tangerines. They have Vitamin C and are sweeter than oranges.
For summer season, you have to get ready to wear those gorgeous sexy clothes which you are so dying to wear. The following good foods that can also be helpful in losing your weight naturally are:
  1. Chilled soups. Cold soups with low calories are better to be observed. Soup chicken is a big ‘No-No’. An example of this is chilled cucumber dill that contains other chunky veggies can be eaten before the meal. Another is gazpacho. It is advisable to include in the meal the low calorie broths in this hot time of the year
    .No Bad Cholesterol Foods
  2. Watermelons. They are crisp and juicy. They are also sweet and watery. They can help you quench your thirst in the summer heat healthily.
  3. Grilled veggies. It is advised that to keep plates of grilled veggies in the fridge is good. These are onions, carrots, bell peppers, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini and garlic. It is because you can use them to prepare such dishesas combinations such as:
  • Grilled veggies and goat cheese salads
  • Grilled veggies and pitas
  • Grilled veggies, ricotta and fresh herb pasta and fritatas
And as for the fall season, the following foods can help you lose your weight :
  1. Mint. It is calorie-free that replaces sugar or other flavored drinks. I’m sure that you like mint.
  2. Lamb. The lamb meat contains protein and B12 that can help you attain weight loss.
  3. Rye. The bread has fiber that can help in absorbing water that will make you feel full for a period of time within the day.
  4. Clams. They rich in Omega-3, fatty acids and zinc. Omega-3 helps and keeps the heart healthy and supports metabolism and prevent inflammation.
  5. Cherry tomatoes. They have low calories. They can substitute candies and are great to mix in sweet salads and other snack recipes.Rules to Lose Weight Naturally
  6. Rhubarb. It is nutritional with low calories. Filled as well of Vitamin C, fiber and potassium. And it helps in the metabolism.
  7. Basil. This herb seasoning is fabulous that can keep your “diet clean”. It is a good topping for salad.
  8. Blueberries. They are full of vitamins and anti-oxidants such as leutin and vitamin K. They also help in reducing your belly fat. Thus, slimming down your waist.
  9. Mussels. They have low saturated fat, zinc and magnesium. They have also high quality protein that is perfect in your diet. They can also speed up your metabolism.
  10. Cucumbers. They have alkaline, silicon and sulfur with low calories. They are versatile that you can mix them with sandwiches, vegetable salads, pickles and many others.
As you can see, there are a lot of healthy organic foods in the presence of fruits and vegetables. Whatsoever you wish to do with them, they are perfectly natural and good for the body’s health.
So why need those processed products in our meal? You can be creative in your meal plans when you know that these foods can help you in balancing a healthy diet and losing your weight ever so naturally – without so such pains in taking out your money from the pocket.
Try to avoid buying and eating processed products that can cause you some diseases that are not curable by far.
You already know that these processed food products undergo such processes that include chemicals and other harmful substances that can cause you illnesses
.eat right
Scientists and producers painstakingly invented these for they want your money. And when you are ill, they have invented such drugs to cure you and for you to continue patronizing their “poisoned” processed food products in the market.
Of course, you like them because they are so easy to prepare. However, it is not easy to cure such illnesses once you have them. So, just make the right choice.

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