10 Tips for Newly Test Passed Drivers in UK

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Have you learnt driving newly? Well driving the car in UK and on other country roads is quite different? As compare to other roads normally the UK traffic is quite complicated for all those people who have passed the driving test just newly.

It is very important for the newly passed drivers to act with the great careful nature for saving them from danger and accidents. But when it comes to winter then the drivers have to cat with the great perfection because snow, ice and slippery roads are one of the biggest factors for giving birth to severe accidents.

Test Passed Drivers in UK

Now we shall move at the main topic of the article that is all related with the best tips for the newly test passed drivers. In the below article we will be highlighting with the main 10 tips for newly test passed drivers in UK.



  1. No matter that whether you are driving on a crowded road or a road that is just filled with few vehicles you have to keep some distance even from a bicycle. Especially in the winter seasonal happenings the car driver has to keep the maximum distance from the other vehicles so that it can save them from some harmful accidents.
  2. Before sitting into the car you should make sure that all your windows and mirrors are cleaned properly. If you car mirrors are filled with the frost and ice then you should firstly clean them properly. Make sure that you have some long ice scarper in your car so that you can immediately clean the windows and mirrors as soon as the frost comes over it without any sort of trouble.
  3. In addition you should keep your car speed on crowded road as slow as possible. Especially in the winter timings your car speed should be less than 5 miles per hour because it can appear as extremely dangerous to you and other road users.
  4. Fourthly, if you have freshly passed with the driving test then you should be enrolled into the pass plus courses as well. Such courses are helpful for the new drivers to make them confident and safer enough while driving.
  5. In addition you should try to be confident enough while driving the car on the crowded roads as your single mistake can give rise to huge accidents.
  6. You should be relaxed enough while driving the car on UK roads because there are many people that get confused and eventually they meet some accidents.
  7. Furthermore if somehow your car get punctured or some trouble arise in the car them you should place the car at such place where there is light and the cars are not passing closer to you.
  8. If you are a new car driver then you should take the help from some professional experts in case of nay fault inside the car.
  9. If in case you feel that you are about to meet any sort of accident then you should give away the alert signal to other cars that are coming behind you.
  10. Lastly you should be well aware from the traffic signals and all the rules being followed on the UK roads.

We hope that these ten tips will going to help all the new passed drivers of UK to get experiences and skilled in car driving.

Hellen is an auto mechanic she works with used car parts suppliers in Ireland, She live with her family and she love to driver her car on long road.

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