The Importance of Purchasing the Best Wireless Home Alarm System

Importance of Purchasing the Best Wireless Home Alarm System

Growing Importance of Purchasing the Best Wireless Home Alarm System


It is true that home alarm systems can be quite expensive for some. However, the truth still remains that this product can provide reliable security of your home and family.  It is also worth noting that a home without an alarm system is more likely to be targeted by robbers. Needless to say, the mere presence of a security system is more often enough to protect your house and its occupants from forced entries.

Wireless technology had not even been invented yet when home alarms were offered to the public. This meant that the system was installed with wires. Before, you would see the wires running through the walls and ceilings of a home. These wired home alarms lasted for some years. However, after a few years, homeowners had to get a replacement. Getting the upgrade would mean you have to get through the same process of installing the wires and the system. On the other hand, there are many advantages in choosing the best wireless home alarm system.

What is a Wireless Home Alarm System

Importance of Purchasing the Best Wireless Home Alarm System

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You might be asking what wireless exactly means. Does this mean that the sensors and the main components of your alarm system are wireless instead of hardwired? Does this mean that the signal will be wirelessly transmitted to the monitoring station? Well, the answers to these questions depend on the type of home alarm system you’re planning to get. We’ve listed the wireless home alarm system options you can choose. Note that the prices increase as you go down the list.

Option 1: A wireless home alarm system with wireless sensors. The broadband Internet connection is the transmitter of the signal to the monitoring station.
Option 2: A wireless home alarm system equipped with a cellular signal which transmits the data to the monitoring station.
Option 3: A wireless home alarm system composed of a cellular connection and an interactive monitoring system which provides web-based alerts. This means that you can control and manage your system using the Internet.

Why It’s Important to Install a Wireless Home Alarm System
It is true that a wireless home alarm primarily functions as a system that protects you against burglary. However, there are other emergency situations on which this product can apply to. Below, we’ve listed down the reasons why it is important to install a wireless alarm system in your home.

For your Family’s Peace of Mind
They say peace of mind is one of the most valuable investments you can get for your family. When you have a wireless home alarm system installed in your home, your family is at peace knowing that their abode is protected from various unwanted scenarios. This is also highly important for elderly homeowners who are in some way incapacitated or always left alone. In most dangerous situations, there’s a need for getting out of the house immediately and this may be quite difficult for an elderly. In this case, a wireless home alarm system would come in handy in signalling authorities for assistance.

It is also worth mentioning that there are wireless home alarms that medical patients can wear as pendants. These medical alarm pendants are designed to call for assistance during specific medical emergencies. Wireless home alarms are useful for parents who leave their teen children at home alone as well as for spouses of military personnel who are left alone for long periods of time. It goes without saying that a wireless home alarm system can provide peace of mind for families.

Protecting your Valuable Items
In our lifetime, we buy and store a collection of items that in time have meaning to us. Whether you collect tickets from your family travels or you have inherited valuable items from past generations, you have things in your home that represent who you are as well as the achievements you have made. Burglars do not consider how much sentimental value you have placed on possessions. What’s important to them is that the items are expensive and they can make money out of them.

In the United States, it is roughly estimated that there are over two million home robberies every year. Each year, around $3.9 billion worth of valuables are stolen from homes and every burglary averages at around $1,700. Most of the time, the presence of a wireless home alarm system is enough to dissuade burglars. If an alarm system does not stop burglars from forcibly entering your home, it will still function as a system that will signal authorities. With the cameras installed along with the alarm, the chances of catching the intruders will be higher. Since you have a video documenting the act, it is more likely for the authorities to identify the criminal. The footage will also be useful for you to document what the thieves have stolen from your home.

When you’re Unable to, Someone Else can Monitor Your Home for You
One of the biggest advantages of having a wireless home alarm system is that your house can stay monitored even when you are unable to do so yourself. When you leave town for business or for vacation, your home alarm system will signal someone to come to your house during emergency situations. Monitoring services attached to your home alarm will track suspicious incidents and emergencies. When needed, they will dispatch personnel to your home. Home alarms also signal for help when there is fire in your home, a carbon monoxide leak, a burglary or even a natural disaster like flood. Without your alarm system and the help of a monitoring service, the damage caused by the aforementioned events would be worse.

Why Opt for a Wireless Home Alarm System
A wired home alarm system is ideal for big properties as it provides efficient coverage for large spaces. It is also ideal for people who do not like replacing batteries every now and then. However, for some, a wireless home alarm system also presents several advantages.

Installing is Easier
Wired home alarms require you to drill holes on your walls and installation can be quite costly. This system requires electrical installation which includes wire-strapping, circuit testing and electrical leads. Aside from that, contractors will also perform physical installation which includes drilling holes through your granite or marble, rerouting pipes and other necessary changes. The same is not true with wireless home alarms as all you will need are a few screws, some basic tools and a couple of hours for installation.

The System is Powered by Batteries
It is true that wired alarms also have battery backups. However, these can only be used for emergencies and they tend to run out quickly. On the other hand, wireless home alarms are designed to rely on battery power only. Needless to say, whether you have electricity or not, you can trust that your home alarm will function effectively.With battery powered wireless home alarms, you still have protection even when intruders cut your power lines. Most wireless home alarms also alert you when you need to check your batteries so you can rest assured that it will run properly all the time.

Efficient Coverage for Large Properties
The best home wireless alarms can transmit data over a hundred feet – that’s twice more than what a basic wired home alarm can cover. So, if you have a detached property—like a separate garage from your home—you can still secure it with your wireless home alarm.

Security Even Without Electricity
Most wireless home alarms send out send out data through cell phone signal. It goes without saying that even when your power or phone lines are cut, your wireless alarm will still send signals to the authorities, your monitoring service or anyone in your notification list. It would be virtually impossible for a burglar to take down an entire cell network.

Affordable Option for Renters and Small Homeowners
Wired home alarms require major installation which can be quite costly. If you own a small house or you are renting an apartment, a wireless home alarm would be an ideal and more affordable option. Keep in mind that wireless home alarms are also portable so you can bring it with you in case you decide to move to a new rental home.

Troubleshooting is Easy
Did you know that issues on your wireless home alarm can be remotely identified by the installer? Needless to say, you do not have to call the technician and ask them to come over for troubleshooting. Moreover, the best home alarm systems typically have their own troubleshooting programs. This means that the system will automatically notify you in case any issue arises.

Upgrading is Easy
Every component of your home alarm is wireless so you can easily remove one part and replace it with the latest model. Even after the wireless alarm system has been installed, you can still add new features and sensors. This is something you cannot do with a wired home alarm. If you want new features, you have to call the technicians and have them reprogram your wired home alarm system.
A wireless home alarm system presents several benefits for homeowners. Using this system, you can even monitor and receive alarms through your laptop or smartphone. This means that you can be on a vacation or a business trip and still be able to secure your home and its occupants.

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