Tips To Maintain Your Car as New

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The vehicle that you use for traveling is one of your assets. To keep your car in good condition is very important to get rid of many repairing costs.


Tips To Maintain Your Car

Let us start our article of car tips from the first thing that you see whenever you want to have a drive and that is your keychain. Some people put lots of keys in the chain that makes it heavy. By doing this, an extra load will be imposed on the ignition. It can cause ignition failure. So, lighten up your car keychain.


Whenever you start your car or when the engine is cold, don not race the engine. It can add years of safety to your engine.


First twenty to ten minutes are crucial because the parts of your car engine are cold. So, keep your speed slow or accelerate slowly. It is assumed that most of the wear to the engine happens in the start of your drive.


Don’t drive too fast and avoid quick acceleration whenever it is really hot sunny day or a snowy cold day. Through this you can add extra life to your car engine.


Fast stops, turns and starts can destroy your tires gradually. Also avoid potholes and different types of things on the road. Keep your tires away from all hot things and don’t try to burn anything near to your tires.


During turning your vehicle, don’t keep your steering into the extreme right or left more than few seconds. Otherwise you can damage your car steering pump.


Whenever you get stuck in the mud, snow or in anything, keep calm and move slowly. If possible then come out from your car and see where your car tires has stuck in. Check the situation and find a solution and a way out. Get back again into your car then move slowly. Look! If you move your car repeatedly forward and backward, turn your tires every now and then, it will create heat and trouble for your transmission and clutches.


Always park your car in a proper place. Find a shade where you can park your car. Don’t park your car under the tree because a heavy air can break any branch of tree and that branch can make you do expenses for your car.


Cleaning your car is one of the wise thing. But remember, cleaning doesn’t mean cleaning your car only from the outside. Your car’s interior also want attention of yours. Clean your interior whenever you get time.


Towel for baby seat is very important. It is assumed that most of the interior is damaged by the kids and their things. So, keep a towel to soak any liquid dropped by your kid.


Always use car cover to protect your car paint mirrors and screens. For this you should park your car in the shade or in your garage.


Don’t try to make your car heavy by putting excessive luggage into your car. Check the limits of the weight that you can put into your car’s back or roof. Don’t exceed that limit.


An old blanket can protect your roof top whenever you want to keep bicycle or metal on the roof, protect it with roof an old blanket.


Always try to use the best motor oil for your engine. Go to the reputable gas station of your location. For this, you must ask some professional car owners in your surrounding about the best gas station located nearby you. When you want to change the engine oil, then use the oil by the high quality automotive motor engine lubricants manufacturer.



Check for the rust in your car body every week or make a schedule for this thrice in the month. Enhance the quantity of inspecting the rust in the season of rain. Don’t avoid checking the downside of your car because most of the time rust starts from the downside. Don’t forget the oiling downside parts after few days. Take a torch and go down to your car and check each part closely.


 Many people don’t wash their cars in winter season which as bad as a worst driver do with his/her car. So, don’t avoid this and wash your car regularly in winter too.


Check your car’s all types of oil on regular basis. Check brake fluids, engine oil and if see any lube less than the quantity then fill it right after checking it. Don’t compromise on the quality and use the best motor oil for your vehicle. Otherwise it would be very difficult to maintain your car as new one.


Checking the alignment of car wheels is very essential. Many specialists and professionals recommend that you should check it after every 30,000 miles (48,000 km). You can also get the guidelines from the owner’s manual in this regards.


Your car is everything to you on roads and it has the right to be checked and maintained on the regular basis. If you will not do it then the possibility is there of car is getting bad. So, practice above given tips and make your car safe for the upcoming many years.

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