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My maiden trip to the United Kingdom was not all that fun, maybe because I was 7 and just waddled beside my mother from one street to another or being strolled in a chauffeur driven luxury cars in London. However, it was right during that trip that I fell in love with the place and since then nurtured a dream of getting back here and explore the land on my own terms, in my own way. I’m glad I got this chance last summer and during my month long vacation in the UK, I could cover some spectacular places. Here are some highlights of my  Travel England trip-

Travel England

Lake District– My love for British Literature made me visit this place and I came back with an even stronger love for nature. Visiting the place, you would understand perfectly how this place managed to churn out some of the best poets of all time.

Polperro, Cornwall– untainted by the tourists, the southwest regions of the UK are the perfect postcard destinations. This quaint little town with its narrow streets is warm and affectionate and offers the perfect recluse from the maddening life.

Glen Nevis, Scotland– Scotland probably has the most untamed and compelling scenery. The forestlands will make you think as if you’ve wandered from the Forbidden Forest of Harry Potter. Glen Nevis is as gorgeous and makes for a perfect holiday when all you want to do is loiter among the nature’s best endowments.

Cambridgeshire- This was probably the most English place that I visited. The perfectly manicured lawns of the Cambridge University, the river, the well preserved buildings seem to come straight out of 1930’s movie.

Little Venice, London– My another favourite spot in London is the area called South Maida Vale. It’s like Venice, but only better because it’s in London. There are waterways and canals that have turned the area into a little haven for gondolas and the prettiest houseboats you’d ever seen. The waterside pubs are a sheer treat.

Richmond Park, London– London, along with being a vibrant, multicultural, cosmopolitan city is also home to a number of parks and open spaces. Out of all, my favourite was the Richmond Park. If you’ve seen it, you’d be convinced of the authenticity of my judgement. The gorgeous gardens, the oaks, and the deer become the perfect escape from the rambling city.

Hope Valley, Peak District– Visiting this place wasn’t on my cards and I couldn’t be more glad on the change of course of my trip. One of my co-travellers was adamant to visit the second most visited national park in the world. When I got there, I instantly knew why was he was so eager. The craggy yet magnificent landscape is breathtaking. The old-world charm of the place can easily transport you to a Charlotte Bronte novel.

Giant Causeway, Ireland– I always has had a bias towards Ireland. I love the land for its whiskey loving people, four-leaf clovers and leprechauns. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Giant Causeway is a site not to be missed. The peculiar stones arranged as if someone has put them there by hand will take your breath away.


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