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Thinking of travelling anytime soon or simply thinking that you are doing something wrong when trekking across the globe? Every aspect in life has some etiquette which if followed make the world better place as it’s the little things that matter like informing before you recline your seat. Those long haul flights to Prague or any other destination and hours at the airport would really be more manageable if we all practiced a little more travel etiquette.

Here are some little pointers for Travel etiquette to look forward to when hitting the road next time:

Travel etiquette

Learn the local etiquette:

There are different practices happening around the world and when in their territory its best to pay respect to the local customs. This will also make your life easier especially if you are there on business. For example in Asia touching the other person even unintentionally with your foot is considered highly rude or using your foot to point as well. Dress up modesty (for males and females both) when in Muslim countries.

Reclining in the chair:

Give a little heads on to the person sitting behind you on the plane before reclining it will give them some time to remove their laptop or any drink they might have on the table rather than having it squished.

The middle man

The worst possible seat is the middle seat which makes you feel trapped like a sardine in a can. Have some courtesy for the poor soul and give them the use of both arm rests rather than hogging it up. Chances are karma will remember you and next time when you are the middle man then you will have some ease.

Hush hush!!

This applies to hotels that have paper thin walls and being loud can mean that you are hearing them a meter away. Playing the TV on low volume and not letting your party in the other’s room is a major etiquette which if followed makes you a very savvy traveler.

Security checks

Security checks these days are a great hassle and the person wearing tons of jewelry whose taking ages to take if off doesn’t help. Speed up the security lines by being proactive in what you will need to take off and place in the security belt. This would invariably speed up the whole process if each passenger does their own respective part.

Control your kids!

Kids can be jumpy on travel especially when they are excited for a vacation or a special trip but as a parent it is your job to make them understand that there are others on the plane/airport which should be disturbed. Bring activities for them that will keep them engaged- this would spare you some embarrassment and the passengers around you will be happy too. There is nothing more annoying then to see parents letting their kids be wild just because it’s their vacation.

Stand behind the line

Everyone is guilty of this one as no one likes to stand behind the prescribed line. May it be at the counter or the baggage belt-The line is there for a reason to avoid bruised ankles and space for the person in front of you to maneuver in. Invading personal space also doesn’t help matters as it simply makes the other person frustrated and the line slows down thus.


It really is quite easy to walk on the left and let people walk by from the right but many passengers seem to find that walking or standing bang right in the middle and blocking passage. If you are standing in escalators then make sure it’s on the left and follow what the other more sensible passengers are doing as every minute counts for a passenger being late for their flight.

Basic hygiene

It really shouldn’t even be on this list but alas! Some things just need to be told up right and personal. This applies to those long haul flights too especially. Scrub up and keep yourself clean throughout the flight so that the person next to you doesn’t have to plug up their nose. Brushing your teeth and sprinkling a little perfume will make you and the one seated next to you pass a considerable tolerable time cooped up in the metal tube.

Leg space

Chances are there is very limited leg space and bringing your oversized duffel bag would take up space of the person seated next to you too. Don’t bring so much hand luggage that you can’t handle and which ultimately cause discomfort to the person next to you.

Be polite

Many times you yourself must have witnessed angry passengers showing their wrath on the counter people for a mistake or problem that weren’t done by them and neither can it be solved by them. Keep your calm but be assertive where necessary but don’t be aggressive as this might back fire and the person behind the counter would not go the extra mile to help you out.

Move yourself

When experiencing loudness and noise from your hotel neighbors or passengers then do something about it yourself and not expect them to move only.  Don’t be stubborn and demand them to be moved you will only put yourself in pain rather be the bigger person and move or use ear plugs. Also its important to understand that sometimes the paper thin walls of hotels are responsible rather than the speaker.

Don’t take matters in your hands

Whenever you have problem refer the guide, air steward/ air hostess or the hotel management and not take matters in your own hands. Rather make the communication to the aggrieved party through a reliable connection.


Author Bio-

A dedicated travel agent Anas Ahmad who loves to transfer his wanderlust onto a page and also read other’s experiences about travel, a spicy food aficionado along with things sweet.  Lives on the personal motto of “bring it on!” and a particular lover of simplicity.





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