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How to Spend a Weekend in Midtown Manhattan


Fashion is about popular style particularly in clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup or body piercing.

If you are a person who dresses in distinctive style, you would always prefer to go to trendy Ultimate Fashion Destination USA

to keep up with the prevailing styles and latest creations of famous fashion designers all

over the world. These destinations can be a city or metropolitan area that offers a chain of high-end or

affordable boutiques and shops stuffed with chic and trendy wardrobe essentials and accessories.

WINTER TRENDS to look vivid

Ultimate Fashion DestinationEveryday duffel bag

A puffy duffel bag is another essential as you carry more stuff every day during winter season. Pick a fit-
everything trapezoid or cylindrical shape duffel which can also be a perfect weekender bag, for some

minimalist packers.

Goodfellas-type menswear blazer

Save your skin from the coldness of winter breeze with this boxy blazer which makes a fashionable

topper for any party dress or a pair of cropped trousers. Make sure that the blazer ends at the widest

part of your hips because shorter or longer ones will make it look like a costume.

Pencil leather skirt

A pencil skirt made of real or faux leather allows you to achieve a bright and breezy, holiday vibe. Prep

yourself for work with this sexy skirt and pair it with a sheer buttoned-up blouse and a turtleneck.

Skinny Rocker Jean

Compared to a regular pair of skinny jeans, these pants are a bit splashier and tighter. The rocker jean

upgrades the 80’s stone wash denim that features wax treatments, zippers and high waists details.

US Popular fashion destination Inc

The list of fashion destinations ideal for spender fashionistas and budget-conscious is quite long. In

the U.S., New York City is not only the best place for style and sophistication; there are several cities in

America that made it on the trend list.


Miami is popular for many things. It is known of its culturally and linguistically diverse citizens and its

world’s best tourist destinations such as beaches, music, night-life and architecture. No wonder, it is

sometimes referred to as the “Gateway of the Americas.” This cool place is also popular of its fashion

events that showcased the latest styles of world’s emerging fashion designers. In fact, many fashionable

New Yorkers visit Miami Beach every winter because of the idyllic weather of the city even in the coldest


Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most affluent cities in the world that has just beaten New York as America’s

fashion capital. When it comes to achieving the newest fashion styles, people of Los Angeles are very

opulent as their style really reflects that amount of money they spend on shopping. Whatever the

season, people drape themselves with the latest designer labelled stuffs from top to toe.

If you want to indulge on LA’s trendy fashion scene, go to Rodeo Drive and browse the streets of Beverly

Hills for affordable boutiques and upscale designer label stores that offer fabulous clothing, accessories,

footwear and other items to sightseers, wealthy shoppers, celebrities and tourists. However, there are

some stores in the area which are off limits to tourists as they only accept customers who booked for

shopping appointments.

San Francisco

This city by the bay is the fourth largest in the state of California which is as ostentatious as L.A. If you

intend to visit San Francisco and opt to shop for some wardrobe essentials, take a ride to Union Square

to look for high end shops and designer labelled stores like Tiffany & Co. or Prada. You can also find

secondhand shops and indie boutiques lining at the Fillmore, Union and Chestnut Streets. For tourist

shopaholics who want to indulge in a delightful shopping activity in San Francisco, make sure to check

out online flight information that will facilitate your trip, can utilise the facility provided by us to know

the budget airlines that fly en route the location you wish to travel. In order to prevent any flight

interruption or travel inconvenience.

New York

The city is also one of the most populous agglomerations in the world and it is often called City of the

York or New York City popular for its Special fashion trends in New York City are; Da Bomb; Sporty

spice, Spring Blooms, B and W, Animal attraction, Skin is in, Dare to Bare, Pop your collar and So-clutch,

WTF, Clueless, Dirty Hipples, Mars Attacks, Blue Jeans, Wild at Heart, Work it Out, Shiny Everything and

Slacker Chic.

Famous Fashion Stores in New York

Boutique Ludivine

This incredible fashion store can be found in the West Village and it is popular for its unique French

labels. This boutique is owned by Ludivine (a French woman). You will get trends like Notify, Vanessa

Bruno, Les Praries de Paris as well as Claudine Pier lot to pop up in this special boutique.

Alice and Olivia

This store was established by Stacey Bendet at Barneys NY in 2003. Alice + Olivia collection is perfect on

structured coats, pants and everything from sexy sequin dresses to great sweaters. You will as well get

dresses for night outs, birthdays, work and play here.

Calypso ST Barth

This boutique has more than a few outposts around New York City that feature all you can think about

concerning difficult-to-find Silk dresses, Whimsical tunics as well as Repetto Flats. The lead designer of

Calypso ST Barth hails from Grasse and Cannes – 2 French cities.

Dangerous Mathematicians

This fashion store was founded by Karen Patwa who was formerly a mathematics teacher. Available at

this shop are embellished corsets, tastefully trendy bottoms and tops, vinyl wear, princess and hourglass

dresses together with an ever changing collection of quality custom design services and cool accessories

which make this amiable boutique quite different.

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