What Makes a Great US Estate Agent?



When picking an US estate agent, you want to be sure that you make the best choice possible. It may seem logical and easy to pick the estate agent with the best commission rate and the highest valuation. However, these may not always be the best criteria on which to base your decision; you need to be sure you aren’t pulled in by simple marketing tricks.

As such it’s necessary to consider some other criteria and truly consider what makes a good estate agent, before you make your final choice.



When choosing an estate agent it is essential to get an agent that maintains excellent communication with you as a client. The last thing you want is an estate agent that is late in getting back to you and often leaves you in the dark considering your property. It is therefore important to choose an agent that is dedicated to good communication.


Property Market Knowhow

You might think an estate agent sounds incredibly convincing but in reality they may lack the skills or ability to back up all of their claims. Unfortunately, many estate agents don’t have the ability to reliably sell property in a failing market.



Look for Agents who have local market knowledge



In slow economic conditions, it is a good idea to choose an estate agent who is selling property similar to yours with notable success. It can also be helpful to look at the history of the firm, and consider how well they fared during the last falling market in the 1990s.


Past Experience

Directly linked in with property market knowhow is the level of experience an estate agent has. It is therefore sensible to do a little research into your potential estate agent to see how well they have performed in the past to give an indication as to how they will do with your property.




Make sure your Estate Agent knows the local area


Looking at how many similar properties an estate agent has successfully sold in the past can be a good indicator that they will be able to do a good job with your property. For example, an estate agent may have a gleaming record filled with successes, but if they are known for results in selling larger properties, they may not have the relevant expertise required to sell a small flat. In this case, it may therefore be better to choose an estate agent with a better track record for selling flats.


When considering past properties, it is good to find out how many viewings an estate agent typically held before properties were sold, and roughly how long it took. An estate agent may have a brilliant record of sold properties and promote themselves thusly, but if each sold property took months to sell, it may be better to look somewhere with a quicker turnaround.


Realistic Expectations

It might seem profitable to choose an estate agent that gives the best valuation for your property, but sometimes this isn’t the wisest choice. A brilliant valuation may be a tempting offer, but if they can’t guarantee a sale, the higher price is simply an empty promise. You want to find an estate agent with realistic expectations who can shift your property, as opposed to one who will continue to strive for unrealistic prices and not manage to secure a sale.



Following on from the last point, honesty is a very valuable thing to look for in an estate agent. You want an estate agent who can be realistic and honest about the current property market and the reality of the likelihood of selling your property.


It is important to establish how exactly your property will be promoted and advertised. Don’t settle for thin promises and vague explanations; be sure that an agent tells you exactly what methods will be employed to advertise your property.


Another dimension of honesty in an estate agent to look for is how transparent they are concerning charges and fees. You don’t want to be stung with unexpected costs and end up paying more than you expected. You want an estate agent who will tell you exactly what the charges are and not leave out any details, this way you know in advance exactly what you will have to pay.



A great estate agent is not necessarily the one who makes the best promises and appears to be the cheapest. It’s good to do a bit of research before making a decision to ensure that you make the right choice of estate agent and find the best agent to sell your property.


Author Bio: This article was brought to you by Watford estate agents, Marshall Vizard.



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