It’s Official: Walt Disney Okays Girl Meets World

For those of us who grew up in the 1990s, ABC’s ‘Boy Meets World’ was a regular feature of Friday nights. Many of us spent years following Cory Matthews as he learned about life from middle school to college and beyond. For those of us who still can’t get over the series end, then there’s some good news. Walt Disney is planning on creating a sequel to the hit series called, appropriately enough, ‘Girl Meets World.’ And far from being a cynical money grab that uses the recognition of the original show without actually having much real relation to it, ‘Girl Meets World’ looks like a genuine continuation of the series, featuring many of the original cast members. We’ll take a look at what ‘Girl Meets World’ has in store for us, and why this is such a hotly anticipated series.

Picking up where we left off
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‘Girl Meets World’ picks up where the original ‘Boy Meets World’ ended. Cory and Topanga are still married with a daughter, Riley Matthews, played by Rowan Blanchard. Riley is the main character of this new series, and we follow her adventures, along with her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), through middle school, high school, and college much as we followed her father’s adventures years ago. If you remember the original ‘Boy Meets World,’ you will recall that Cory and Topanga left their native Philadelphia for New York City in the finale. As such, the new series will be set in New York.

Old and New

While there’ll be a lot of new faces in ‘Girl Meets World,’ for fans of the original series, they’ll be excited to know that many of the original actors are returning to reprise their roles. Cory and Topanga will be played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel from the original series. And, perhaps even more exciting, William Daniels will be returning as Cory’s long time mentor and former educator, George Feeny. Furthermore, the show is being run by Michael Jacobs, the creator of the original series. Reportedly, Jacobs has reached out to the entire former cast and offered all of them a place in the new series. Because of this continuity, we’re betting on ‘Girl Meets World’ delivering all of the same laughs and life lessons that the original series provided for us.

When and Where

Disney has only recently given its approval for ‘Girl Meets World,’ so it’ll still be a while before we see the old gang back on our TV sets. Production is set to begin sometime this summer, and we can expect the first episodes to premier on the Disney Channel at some point in this year. If you don’t currently have the Disney Channel, you can find out how to get it with the help of sites such as

‘Boy Meets World’ was one of the defining shows of the 90s, and learning that Disney has now green lit the sequel, ‘Girl Meets World,’ should have all of the fans of the original series ecstatic. With so many members of the original cast and crew reprising their roles for the new series, ‘Girl Meets World’ promises to be a worthy successor to ‘Boy Meets World.’

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