Benefits of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

advantages of wearing emerald gemstone

New Benefits of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

advantages of wearing emerald gemstone

Before approaching the main topic of our article we will talk about Emerald gemstone so that the one who does not have knowledge about it will find this content easy to grab vital information.

A precious gemstone, Emerald is quite mysterious like other talismans as it is hard to clutch knowledge about these.

Physical Properties

advantages-of-wearing-emerald-gemstone Benefits of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

Beryl is transparent, translucent and opaque. Beryl with its green color agent and with transparency or translucency is known as Emerald. The green color of this charm is due to presence of small amounts of the chromium compounds in the crystal structure. Its specific gravity lies between 2.65 and 2.8. Its hardness is 7.5 – 8 as measured by Moh’s scale. Its refractive index varies between 1.56 – 1.59.

Astrological Views

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According to the Indian astrologers Emerald is a precious gem that is the member of Navratna family. The green color of this talisman looks like mercury among the planets that’s why it is recommended for Mercury planet. As per the palmistry and western astrology, emerald is the best birth stone for the one who was born in the month of May.

Emerald Benefits

Emerald is useful for various purposes. Here we will know about some of its benefits that the wearer may get from it.

  • The person who is facing some issues in retaining the wealth may get benefit from this charm as it has the caliber to hold the money along with the owner.
  • Who should wear emerald stone-The people who wear Emerald gemstone are believed to possess peace and live their married life harmoniously. This talisman helps them in developing an understanding with all the family members and maintaining unity among them.
  • Emerald is quite able to enhance the power of spirituality and reasoning.
  • The kids who are not able to concentrate on their studies or work can also get benefit from this charm as it is employed to raise the concentration power in individuals.
  • The service person who is looking forward for his promotion, children who are preparing for their competitive exams and businessman who works hard to uplift their business to next level may also take advantage of this talisman as Emerald improves the analytical power, sharpens the memory and the intellectual power of the owner.
  • Side effects of wearing emerald stone-The negative effects of evil spirits and nightmares get nullified by a simple use of emerald gemstone. As a result, the peace of mind of the wearer that gets increased helps him to perform in a better way and to lead prosperous and harmonious life ahead.
  • The beings who face problems that are related to memory and brain may also wear Emerald gemstone to fix all such issues. The person suffering from speech problems may also get benefited from this talisman.
  • The couples may also gift Emerald to each other to enhance love and faithfulness in their relationship.
  • Emerald gemstone is composed of some mystical powers that attract the wisdom and good fortune towards the wearer.
  • Most of the people believe that Emerald changes its shade when the wearer gets surrounded by false friends this is how it acts as a safe guard against the false friends.
  • In fact the chance of snake bite also gets reduced by this charm.
  • The health related matters also get resolved according to a belief of many people.
  • The pregnant women may also wear his talisman as their labor pain may get alleviated as the blood circulation gets regulated in their body along with the stress.
  • Many other diseases may also get cured by emerald like cardiac problems, ulcer, amnesia, asthma, insomnia etc.
  • The gastrointestinal issues like dysentery, diarrhea and gastritis occur less frequently when the person wears this talisman.
  • When emerald is worn in combination with the other gemstones then it is believed that it cures various problems related to eye, stomach and breast, mouth cancer, meningitis, hypertension, paralysis etc. Moreover, the person who is suffering from the diseases mentioned above should not just rely on the gemstone. He should go for the medical therapy also.
  • Many gemstones are good for professionals too. Emerald performs well in the following fields – astrology, architecture, teaching, medicine, publishing, writing, real estate and other fields of science.

Emerald is a Divine Stone of Goddess Venus. Its popular name is “The Healer Stone” as the healing properties of Emerald is proficient in magnetizing the spiritual, physical and emotional balance to its owners. As you have read about various benefits of Emerald so you might have understood that Emerald gemstone is in demand and popular gemstone because of its various benefits.

So, it’s time to think for yourself and attain success in your respective field. Take the help of this swish talisman and let it reveal its powers and properties that are effective and efficient for you.



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